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You will be surprised our best dual band walkie with an artful design and an amazing price. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. Your support is our greatest motivation.

dual band walkie Customers Reviews

  • Nice one!

    posted by toddel

    Its a very well-built Radio. Inside and Outside...Feels very good, Modulation and Sound is very clear! My new favorite Radio!CAN HANDLE 6.25kHz Frequencies like PMR!Battery runs a whole day with normal use. Much longer than our BF888S. Standby without pressing Send-Button is nearly three days!
    Dual-Band would be a nice Feature. Maybe in further models...
    Buy it! Good Quality, feels very High-End...

    posted by grambr

    Performance equal to products several times the price, decent build quality. I am getting very good range.
    Same as well-established UV-5 but with flashlight in the place of the menu adjustment knob.
    Excellent value for money, and was delivered very quickly.
  • Extremely good value

    posted by AE2013

    Well built radio and, considering its price range, very high quality. I'm really pleased with the purchase and actually glad that I did not go for any of the higher priced alternatives as this radio fits my needs perfectly (leisure/hunting radio). Battery life seems to be very good also.
    None in particular.
  • my favorite radio

    posted by raggy87

    Good build quality.User-friendly menu, easy to use even to the novice.Good signal.Ability to listen to music radio waves. Change the volume.Theoretically, water-and dirt-impermeable radio.In a set of rope on hand and clothespin.PTT can be connected (sold separately).
    There are a little disadvantages.Producers did a good thing.
    Normal radio for such money.
  • Working all ok!

    posted by ozkurito

    Wanting something small and simple and cheap that I could toss into my briefcase when travelling, this little HT seems to serve this purpose well. I read completely through the skimpy manual three times before trying to program the radio. The manual seems to cover everything, it just doesn’t explain anything. Even so, it took less than 2 minutes to set up the first repeater using the keys and menus, and surprisingly, everything worked on the first try. The week before I had reprogrammed my old HTX-202, and actually found that the Baofeng seemed just a little bit easier to use. So far I’ve loaded about 20 of the memories the hard way, and found that foremost was the need to be organized. Do all the VHF frequencies as a group, then the UHF to keep from having to change the offset menu value back and forth.I was surprised at the quality; especially at thebargain pricepoint. Tiny, light--something I always have with me but don't know I'm carrying it.
    A radio is only useful if it is handy when you need it. The combination of compact size and cheap price make the UV3R a good choice.

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