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  • great buy!

    posted by digicon

    UV-B6 is a great surprise to me. It's made of quality ABS plastic, the keyboard is made of soft silicone and all the buttons are illuminated as well as the display. The speaker is loud enough and sounds good. The FM redio function as a great plus and also the reception is excellent. The unit as VHF-UHF transmitter operates very well including all the functions and it has a lot of them! Dual display / dual-band / dual monitoring. The UV-B6 can be programmed using it's keyboard but it would be better to use the CHIRP freeware application using the appropriate USB cable (SKU: 123063) for your computer.
    Buy it! it's cheap, well made, performs great with lots of functions, sounds loud and clear and it's really small. Want more with 35 euro?
  • Whole lot of features in a small package!

    posted by Blaja

    Band width - it is little widened so that it covers different band regulations. Small size, fits into palm of your hand. Menus prety easy to access. Enough power taking into account low voltage battery. The price...similar gadgets from known makers cost many times more.
    Really, battery is maybe the only weak point of this little toy. Receiver sensitivity is OK for now, don't know how it works in extreme conditions though.
    I bought it just for curiosity sake but stood surprised by neat little package containing so many things...and on top of it, it works nice, triggering 70 cm repeater at almost 60 km distance. From the hand!
  • Better with Repeaters

    posted by kurtismccartney

    Great dual-band HT with great battery life for such a tiny radio. Go with one of the bright coloured ones like red or yellow - these things are about as tall as the old 1970s rigs were wide.
    The USB charger is super handy to have around for other devices as well. Was able to install the HT in a car using a 12v to USB adapter.
    Great radio for a city-wide repeater system.
  • Excellent cost / benefit

    posted by mquadros1

    Equipment with small size, low power consumption and has a large amount of available accessories such comoPTT's antennae, large capacity batteries and even a device that allows direct connection to car cigarette lighter.
    I already bought three units for use in family travel in convoy (three cars), and I'm buying PTTs and external antennas Magnetic Base.
    Dem definitely a good buy.
  • Outstanding PMR

    posted by HolyMouse

    - many useful functions,- highlighted keyboard,- dual receive mode,- flashlight,- DCS and CTCSS.
    Very good radio for beginners and advanced users. Very useful as a PMR. Can be configured individually for each country / region. However a valid configuration can take some time even for more advanced users.
    I am using this radio only for communication as a PMR during my work. It is much more easy to use such radio instead of a mobile phone.

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