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dslr quick strap Customers Reviews

  • Quality camera strap

    posted by wlechim

    High quality fabricated camera shoulder strap. Quality materials. Attention to detail. Very nice price. It has a handy pocket for additional memory cards. You look very cool with this camera strap, draw your camera really fast like a gunslinger.
    It is missing some securing strap in the armpit to prevent the strap from sliding. It could use a small manual with pictures how to exactly wear it.
    It is totally worth it, I highly recommend you buying this. It is exactly what I was looking for!
  • Superb shoulder strap

    posted by cluquezl

    The strap is quite comfortable, specially because of the neoprene. It's long enough for big guys (just like me). The screw is really easy to attach/remove from the camera, but once you screw it, it remains there. The combination of hook and screw is safe enough (so far).
    Awesome quality/prize ratio.
    Why didn't I find it before?. I've found the best way to take my DSLR with me, avoiding a painful back and neck ache. It's already traveled all around Costa Rica and Spain and I've found no drawback so far.
  • very big and wide

    posted by mukyo

    - very nice and cheap strap for camera- very wide and comfortable- neoprene material to share loads- plate is metal feels solid- packaging is noce and solid- all in one package very economic
    good to have and highly recommended strap for camera very wide and comfortable neoprene material to share loads plate is metal feels solid- packaging is noce and solid all in one package very economic
    nice strap for heavy duty camera loading all inall in one package very economic
  • Great replacement strap

    posted by edufortes

    It feels very comfortable on your shoulder, and makes your camera lays at your side, hip level, so you are always ready to shoot.
    The pocket is very useful for keeping extra batteries, SD card or your lens cap with you
    This CADEN strap is a great replacement for your original camera strap. Not only that is very comfortable, it also doesn't yell in red o yellow to the world that you have an expensive DSLR.
  • could be cheaper

    posted by felipinio

    Very good for the price, but i think its price coulde be lower, its not the top the line, yet it works as it should, supports great weitgh and doesn't show any sign of damage or anything like that. the metal locks are great and secure enough
    for the price its an average buy, i think maybe saving a little more on the price would be ok, and it'd be a reason to select this item without a second thought. Good for almost every event, it's comfortly


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