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dslr grip Customers Reviews

  • A good addition to the Canon 7D

    posted by SUZION

    It is pleasant to hold in their hands, with a smooth, non-slip coating.All declared functions work fine. Distinguished from similar models of high-quality production and good price.
    You always want cheaper and better. Experienced users will appreciate the benefits of the product.
    Everyone who is engaged in the work of reportage will be pleasantly surprised by this product. Provides continuous, long-term work the camera, saving time reloading.Reasonable price, high quality manufacturing.
  • Solid and well built - with a great price!

    posted by thid82

    This is a solid and well built battery grip.
    I've had my hands on the "real Canon" BG-E2 as well and this is the same thing. The batteries fit firmly and sits in place without any wobbling, the rubber on the grip matches the one on the 40D handle and the black color of the grip is the same as on the 40D.
    When screwing it onto the body it fits tight and does not move around while handling the camera.
    It has the storage place for the battery compartment lid as the original grip has aswell.
    Have not tested the battery slide, for normal AA batteries, but on the other hand i never tested this for the BG-E2 either.
    Why pay 3 times as much for a piece of plastic with a Canon logo?
  • Not perfect but a good deal

    posted by satangos

    - Good packaging, different than site images- Good handling- Overall quality is good- Possibility to use with AA batteries
    My overall impression is good. Helpfull to handle camera, but alternative shutter not works. Is compatible with D5000, removing original battery cover. Also can handle the camera with 2 batteries inside or AA batteries. Using the product I feel an improvement to handle the camera, but the LCD is liitle bit hard to rotate.
  • Really cool item for the price

    posted by Visionaire

    A really well constructed and thought out strap. Other hand grips only have two points of attachment so th? hand sits crooked, with limited access to controls other than the shutter release button. This one has a third - a thin strap for the wrist, so the weight of the camera distributes more evenly and the hand is in a comfortable position. The leather is realy soft and pleasant.
    Like the other reviewer said - it covers the battery slot, so wouldn't recommend it for really long shoots, otherwise be prepared to spend some time replacing the battery.
    Great camera accessory for the price!
  • A very useful and high-quality thing.

    posted by victorphotoby

    I bought this battery grip to work in tandem with my Nikon D700. I carefully select from a variety of other similar stuff and was not mistaken. Build quality is on very high level, the battery grip fits comfortably in the hand. All fasteners and contacts are absolutely reliable.Works with a set of AA batteries (8 pcs., that allows you to shoot in high-speed series), and EN-EL3e Lithium battery. For each type of battery his inner block is included.I recommend this thing. You will not be disappointed.
    I am professionally engaged in photography and for all time of using not found any defect in this battery grip. Absolutely satisfied with this purchase.

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