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dslr camera bag Customers Reviews

  • Good product

    posted by stanleyb7

    Cheap but very nice and quality lens bag. Looks durable. Better bag than one that was delivered with my Nikon lens. Made for quite thick material (neoprene) that protects lens well.
    Have 3 bags of different sizes from this producer. Looks really nice!
    Durable. Would recommend.
  • Is larger than it looks...

    posted by romaneth

    it is much bigger than it looks at a first glance. First - main compartment - has 2 separate soft-holstered rain-proof parts inside with band to tightly close them. In one there's space for DSLR with up to 6" (17cm) long lens in one and another up to 10" (25cm) long lens in another holstered part.. There are two 7" mesh pockets for memory cards and small things + one 10" pocket for notebook or whatever you need.
    You can see one large 10" × 15" compartment in front for whatever you might need putting there, folded 33" reflector or large beach towel would fit. Loosen front belts to double the width of this compartment. Then, there are two 7" (18cm) pockets. On both sides are belts designed for MAS (modular accessory system add-ons like water-bottle or extra lens compartment). What I don't quite rely is that plastic carabiners that intends to hold all this extended bag system on your shoulders, so I'd purchased two steel carabiners to replace such critical plastic details.
    I even managed to fit my DSLR video grip into that bag, something that didn't fit into externally larger older photo bags bag.
    Good product, exactly as I expected...
    Definitely a worth buy. I'd seen Nat Geo photo bags with like features and size at a price of over 120€, so there's no excuse to buy yourself this bag. It also comes in several colors, khaki, black and camo, I chose design that'd match my clothes this coming summer season...
  • BIG! ......

    posted by Ribbon96

    -Cheap-its good quality-Its easy to use-Protects the lens for the camera-Have good, and thick material-Easy to put the lens in it!-Easy to attach it to the bag!-Easy to take lens in and out
    Love it! it protects the lens, and its easy to attach to the camera bag! the minus is that its a litle too big... but not that much
    Protects the lens, so if you want you lens to be workable whgen you want to use? then buy this Lens protector bag
  • Excellent Camera Bag

    posted by xiaowugui

    -Great bag for carrying DRLR cameras. Can fit up to 2 lenses and 1 body (with 1 lens attached to body).-good number of compartments for keeping accessories like extra batteries, cleaning kits, etc-good quality material and feel sturdy.-great build quality and design (there is a separate bag inside that can be remove to make the bag more spacious for other uses.)-good colour
    -really good bag at a low price (similar bags cost twice the price in my country)
    -Very good to use if you are a photographer who like to travel around.
  • Protective Neoprene Bag Case for DSLR Camera Lens - Black (Size L)

    posted by skmdias

    Great pouch, great material, very soft, feels like a soft rubber... hjas a hook so i can attach it to my camera case... size is good for my zoom lens
    I bought this for my canon 55-250mm... It fits great and there is even some room, so i imagine it would fit even larger zoom lenses, like the 75-300mm, which is not much bigger... Anyway, for a zoom lens, this is the way to go
    love this and would buy again. I totally reccomend this....


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