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dsi usb Customers Reviews

  • Great USB charger for DSi!

    posted by RaptorZX4

    Simply put, it's a retractable DSi USB charger, so it use the USB connector on a computer or any other device to charge your DSi, so no need for a bulky DSi charger anymore!Though you can combine this with a AC Power to USB adapter so you can charge from a power outlet, if you don't have access to USB port.
    Cheap-priced, retractable, fit nicely in a pocket, it's very useful if you travel often and have access to USB ports. As i said, if you don't have access to USB, get a small AC Power to USB adapter like this one here:http://www.dealextreme.com/p/universal-ac-to-usb-power-supply-110v-220v-4837
  • Travel light, and charge both NDS-L and NDSi

    posted by okswaney

    Very straightforward - plug the cable into the power port of one or both DS and / or DSi devices, then plug it into a USB port or power adapter. It simply works, and it's darned cheap!
    I use mine to power up via my notebook or PC's USB port, or, I use my other device's AC adapter or Car charger.
    Got it. Get two, in case the kids are too rough. Hard to go wrong at this price!!!
  • Must have greate charger cable

    posted by SimonW

    It is one of the best cable for price and value. It charges almost all of my gadget. With combination of USB charger that comes with iPhone 3G which is 1A in current, it charges my DS and PSP at the same time pretty fast.
    I used to have carry many different chargers for PSP/NDS for my kids on top of all other chargers while we travel. Now all I need to take with me is this cable with iPhone USB traveller charger. Save me a lot of hassle and spaces.
    Deal Extreme has just release a new cable with sku.21303 that has iPhone/iPod adapter as well. I will definitly buy one.
  • Buy it!

    posted by 2Kmaster

    It's good product and I don'have any problems with this 3v1 charging cabel.
    It's worth buy.....You must buy it! I like this 3-in-1 USB Charging Cable for NDS Lite/NDS/DSi
  • Works fine!

    posted by bendigedig

    I have tested this with an old DS "phat" and a DS Lite (but no DSi because I don't have one) and it charges them fine, whether separately or together. It did not seem to take very much longer than the mains charger when charging one unit at a time.
    When used with compact mains-to-USB and/or car-to-USB adapters, this inexpensive cable can save taking bulky chargers away with you (and losing them)even if you haven't got access to USB as such.
    Since the price for this item compares so favourably with the single-mode and dual-mode USB cables (DS & DSL) on offer, it makes sense to "future proof" for the DSi at the same time.

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