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ds lite console Customers Reviews

  • Great Black piano DS

    posted by ermissao

    Fully working DS with no dead pixels, touch screen, volume, buttons, everything working perfectly.
    I've buy also an 4gb mirco sd and an ace card. Just downloaded some games, put into the sd with the ace card program and it's fully working! Playing Castlevania, Full Metal Alchemist, Mario, Metroid, Megaman and others
    No Brasil sai por mais de 400 reais quando tá barato. Aqui saiu tudo por 250 reais com dois cartões para destravar, mais micro sd de 4gb, bolsa rígida pra transporte, 2 protetores pra cada tela, mais bateria e bolsa pra transporte pro psp, leitor de cartões e cabo de dados. O único problema foi a demora....
    The problem it's the wait, and also, you can be taxed. But maybe that still worth
  • Very nice!

    posted by discovery1977

    Looks very nice, and works fine.
    I received my NDS very fast, within one week after shipment.
    Shortly after i order my NDS the price dropped.
    Is worth the money! The only thing they forgot, was one screw on the mainbord.( i opened the NDS.
    Very nice machine for a very nice price, in my country i pay 150 euro for this, so i save almost 50% !!
    Next time i need another NDS i place order on DX!!!!
  • Worthy to buy, i do recommend!

    posted by FSHADOW

    Brand new.works fine.Limited edition Zelda is awesome.low price.
    Pro pessoal do brasil fui taxado em 56 reias, mas ainda valeu a pena.For brazilians folks, i got taxed in 56 reais, but still worth.
    If you are thinking to get a nice visual DS or you are a Zelda fan, this one is worthy!
  • Great Handheld

    posted by scannie

    Original Nintendo Product.Works fine with flashcarts.Great quality case, doesn't look refurbished at all.Comes in the original box, with an original charger 110/220v travel charger.
    Great little handheld, with an awesome games catalog.Screen is pressure-sensitive, try it with the homebrew Colors app.
    Buy it. It's worth it. Makes this a perfect gift for yourself or somebody else.
  • Good quality refurbished ds lite

    posted by mwalterman

    - The build of this DS is more than adequate for the price.
    - The housing is undamaged and the same as advertised.
    - This console comes with a red stylus that matches the housing.
    - All of the components are standard issue, Nintendo DS lite, and in working condition.
    - The backlite is in great working conditon and has the full range of brightnesses as a brand-spanking new DS Lite.
    - All buttons and switches work as new and so does the touch screen. I believe that I have had more trouble with NEW DS Lites than I have with this refurbished version.
    - Works with R4, N5, etc.
    - Free shipping keeps the price extremely low for a DS Lite.
    - While the battery lasts, it has the same longevity-per-charge that a new DS Lite's battery does.
    - It's a great buy if you are looking into getting a new (or your first) DS Lite.
    - I looked up the problem with the battery and it appears to be a recurring problem with even new ds lites from retail stores. If you want to get a DS Lite I would recommend purchasing a replacement battery to go along with it. This goes for all DS Lites, not just the refurbished ones from this site. No worries, though. The replacement batteries are not expensive at all.
    - When you get this system you should check to see if it enters sleep mode with the lid closed. The problem that I am having may be exclusive to my specific unit.
    - Even though the shipping process took a while the tracking website was very useful once the order left Hong Kong. Before that, though, there was no very much information. The information provided by using the tracking number is very useful in waiting for delivery.
    This is a fantastic product. Even thoug it is slow to arrive on your doorstep (as all objects shipped from another coutry will surely be)it is well worth the wait. I am having a great time playing my DS games on this refurbished system and highly recommend it to anybody who is tight on cash, but also wants a like-new DS Lite.

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