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drop-in module Customers Reviews

  • Nice, like an 11836, but with Low-low mode option

    posted by kramer5150

    -Inexpensive, and free shipping
    -R2/WC Cree emitter
    -Drops right into a 6P, no need for the large spring
    -NO STROBE !
    -NO SOS !
    -Infinitely variable output from about 1~175 Lumens
    -As bright and throwey as DX:11836, with the added bonus of low-low mode capable, with every level in between.
    -UI is easy to learn, no complicated hidden modes and flipping through modes to get to one you like. Set it at a mode you like and just leave it.
    -NO STROBE/SOS !!!! (repeated intentionally)
    -Cree rings are not as pronounced as my other DX modules. I am guessing this is random variation within production tolerances.
    -Long run times are possible with the lower output modes, even with 2xRCR123 cells
    Measured with 8.4 Volts from 2xRCR123 cells
    -High = 610mah
    -50% = 280mah
    -25% = 100mah
    -Low-Low = 35mah
    Overall I like this module MUCH better than DX:14442. Its considerably brighter, while throwing slightly farther, without having to fumble through the flashy modes. I never really found 14442 low mode low enough for my tastes.
    DX17593 is very much like DX11836, they just added the output ramping capabilities without sacrificing the output on high. It has added another dimension to my SF-M2... It can serve double duty, preserving night dilated vision as well as blasting out ~175 Lumens. I find it the most versatile of all my DX drop ins.
    PWM frequency YUK!!! I don't find it terribly annoying, but... it most definitely IS noticeable. The PWM pulsing is my biggest complaint with an otherwise VERY well designed module. My daughter noticed it RIGHT away. "Daddy why are my hands choppy? They move funny!!". Even the color tint doesn't bother me all THAT much. I find warmer tints easier on the eyes. So when my eyes are night dilated it works out OK, however tint-perfectionists will be bothered. Overall I would say in low-low mode 17593 is as yellow as a nichia CS/GS is blue.
  • Great

    posted by old4570

    What a great drop in , extremely versatile voltage range if you decide to run it as is , I purchased this one to mod . Good beam quality , no rings , everything was Good .
    I used this drop in for the basis for a high output R2 Mod . I put in a SSC MC-E direct drive module , and am getting 1.8A current draw measured at the tail . This is my brightest R2 ATM , and nothing else can compete with it [ have 6 R2's ] in 18650 format .
    Good value for money , and for less than $15USD you can build a Hot Rod P60 drop in by putting in a direct drive controller board . Or just use it as is , and as shipped I had no issues with it .
  • Get this and use those extra emitters/drivers.

    posted by gratewhitehuntr

    Brass pills are easier to solder to!
    Reflector finish EXCELLENT
    Springs included.
    Helps use all those old P2/P4/Q2 ect emitters.
    I get these for old leftover LEDs that I take out of stuff.
    This and some of those $17 for 20 (I don't know, the cheap 1000ma buck boards) make super cheap dropins for non flashaholics.
    MEGA throw.
    Get 3 in case they go on BACKORDER LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE.
    I'm using this with 11074.
    WOW is it bright.
    I hate OP.
  • my best module until now

    posted by chicharron455

    Very ,very bright using one 18650 batt. (sku 20392),I think mine is really driven at 2.8A,I use it in a sku 15946 host and worked like a charm,very nice tint and beautiful throw,I was amazed cause is more powerful than my Aurora SH-43 also an SST-50 and was 8 dlls cheaper and smaller. 3 mode is just so perfect,no annoying strobe and nasty SOS
    My favorite tactical flashlight at a very, very attractive price,it will please everybody ,amaze your friends and blind your enemies :)
    I have a couple of aftermarket drop in modules from an important guy in CPF and this cheapo module worked much better than the expensive direct drive ,that cost me twice.
    Finally ,is a must have drop in
  • Very bright and narrow

    posted by aljaz55

    Great small lamp. Will make an underwater flashlight with it. It has 5 operation modes. When turned off and on it goes back to the last state.
    Modes - housing temperatures - power consumption:Low power - 54°C - 4.9WMed power - 69°C - 9.4WHigh power - 78°C - 14.7WTemperatures are measured when unit is operated in open air with no additional cooling and not inserted into the flashlight.
    Mode changing is done by toggling power to the product with external switch. Circuitry is glitch-proof, so power cycling must be made in about 0.5 second interval.If quicker, it will not react (= glitch).If slower, it will also not react (= memmory function when cycling power).

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