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  • Amazing quality, both of bits and case

    posted by dirtyBlueJeans

    I was very apprehensive about this product, since most of the small-tipped drives I've bought off ebay have been pathetic (break, rust, don't fit etc). However, I was AMAZED at this buy - probably one of the best things I've bought from DX - and I buy a lot.Some of the bits came in rattling in the box, something I now accept as inevitable. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see that when I fit them back in, they fit very well.Each row of bits in fit in small plastic 'holders', and each row of holders swivles upwards for easy access. Very nice touch.The build quality of the handle is very good, with a 'rubberised' feel. It has a free-rotating top, so you can press it with a finger for single-hand operations.The extension options is VERY handy (and which is why I picked this item as opposed to another similar one with tweezers). The inside is magnetized to hold the bit. The handle, however, holds the bit using a tightening screw.
    The case is also built very well, with a double-joint so the box opens upwards and back. If it wasn't for the sticker which has chinese text on it, one would never imagine it's a cheap(almost) made-in-china thing.I used it to open my Nokia E71 to clean some dust which had got in on the inside of the screen, and the bit fit snugly. Next in line is some old hard disks I have lying around :)Has a triwing also, which I think will open the Wii (yet to try that out tho).
    Great product. You will not regret buying this! Must have for DIY.
  • A must have for anyone.

    posted by GuusGuus

    It's a good kit, with possibly every bit you'll ever need. It's a complete kit, but cheaper than some other kits on the site. I got this as a gift to someone, and he was blown away by the quality and price of this product.
    You should always have one of these handy, because you never know when you're going to need it.
    I highly recommend this product to anyone.
  • Quality is better than i thought

    posted by rizki_p

    Strong magnet to hold the bits which i didnt expectDriver is small but still comfortable to use. Nice plastic-rubber type on grip.Good range on bits type and sizes.The bits seems to be strong enough.
    The quality is better than i have expected, the bits fits nicely in the slot(little play) and the magnet is also strong.
  • Tactical replacement Shell

    posted by Gunther45

    Basically got this shell because Sku# 36357 has a male end cap. So cant find a pressure switch for it.
    Reflector is larger. Sku#36357 inners in this baby is BRUTAL!
    If you want to use this with the #36357's emitter and board, you have to drill the reflector to accommodate the larger LED. I didn't write down the sizes I just put the bit through the new reflector and set up the press and changed out the bit that fit through the old reflector. Ring fit old board perfectly.
    Other than the 5 mode #36357 short comings. This shell makes the #36357 Rock more than my LEO friend's Tactical lights and they spent way more money on theirs!!!!!!
    Some would say just get the emitter and driver board and use it with this , but I find it better to get the other light so I still have more spare parts.
  • Great Screwdriver with a lot of bits!!!

    posted by Caram

    Complete set: great variety of screw drivers that will help you a lot when disassembling any cellphone or laptop. Every screw drivers is labeled and when you open the box all of them move a little bit so you can pick them up easely.
    I would recommend this product specially for those who are not professionals, because I think they are not for an intensive use. Anyway, they are so helpful that I would buy it again if I have to.
    Just buy it! It's very good!


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