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  • Most of the needed electronics screws

    posted by Cicaro

    Have most of the commonly found screws at the market
    Would be very nice if there was a adapter bit so you may use whatever bit screw driver you wanted.
    Decent for its price, its lack of standard size or any extension limits its uses
  • Quite okay, but not extraordinary

    posted by Sim87

    The set comes in a nice box with a spring mechanism, that lift the lid and raises the bits vertically (not shown on the video).Contains the very small PH000 bit plus some of the rare torx sizes and small flat slot sizes.
    The bits feel greasy.The bits are not standard size - a normal bit is too large. A 4 mm hex socket can be used instead.The quality of the bits are said to be stainless, but they can be magnetized, which stainless steel can not. The steel quality seem good enough though.
    Buy it for the large selection of small bit sizes, not for the craftsmanship. Should be cheaper.
  • really works, i am suprised

    posted by wag_grz

    - Very useful!
    - It has a lot of connectors of all types and sizes.
    - A strong magnet to hold.
    - Comfortable to use, you don't need to spin all your hand, just you fingers.
    - Comes with a good bx to store it with.
    Very nice product for its price.
    I am very surprised, very nice build quality.
    I used it to open up my motorola cellphone so i cold fix it (it had a very stranger bit)
  • Really Handy Screwdrivers

    posted by coffeejunky

    -Nice colour-coded tops.-Despite what others say on here I found the case to be quite good for cheap screwdrivers (provided it doesn't arrive broken)-Good selection of sizes - None are too big or too small-Nice hard tips, seem to put up with quite a bit of punishment.-Plastic is strong and easier to grip compared to the metal equivalent.
    -Good price - Very cheap for what they are.
    -The shafts don't bend easily
    These are much better than the usual metal watch-maker screwdrivers, they have a few flaws but at this price its hard to argue.
  • Good kit

    posted by merlismi

    - The quality of whole kit is better than expected.- The accuracy of screwdrivers is better than expected.- Compact and handy.- Strong magnetic handle is comfortable enough.- There are all necessary screwdrivers ...and even several rare, that I have never seen before.- The box is simple and cheap. Good enough for the price.
    Good kit for the price.
    Everything works great. It's exactly what I need. I can't find such kit for same price in local stores.

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