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driver led mode Customers Reviews

  • nice driver for several uses.

    posted by lasermanathome

    sure , you can use them for Cree leds etc.But the single mode makes it possible to use them for other functions too.I have used them for 455-445nM laserleds, those nasty bleu powerbeam LD's with over ONE WATT bleu laserlight.Those laserleds can easily be destroyed, this PC prohibits this and crank your LD up to its max without obvercurrent.
    You have to use them with LD or leds wich are in voltage near white powerleds(3-4V)Almost no heating up or instability in current.
    Nice PC for inventors, in theory you can put them parallel but diode for safety is advised.
  • drives well XM-L LED , but with lots of useless strobo modes

    posted by Kronai

    *drives well my XM-L T60 LED with one 18650 battery. It's very bright at 100% mode , same as my old (broken)driver*looks well made*plates very easy to solder * modes exactly work ~35%on - 100%on - strobo - ~10%on-strobo-strobo-strobo*no mode memory (no need to remember which mode last used)
    no idea at all , it's works as described
    good choice to repair XM-L flashlight if needed
  • Good choice for T6 led

    posted by santus1983

    I bought him to my flashlight which was the same PCB, and she was burned. The current on LED is 2.3A, not 2.5A. I changed two resistors whose values ??were the 0.2ohm(R200 see in the photo) to 0.15ohm and current on LED has 3A and T6 LED can delivery nearly 1000lm. 5 modes works well (Resistors changed High 3A, Mid 1,5A, LOW 150mA).
    Wide range voltage PCB, you can use one or two 18650 cells.
    Great thing for T6 or P7 LED.
  • AMC7135 x 8 + moded

    posted by BZW22

    Limits current to ~2.8A. More AMC7135s can be added to increase current limit (350mA per chip). Choice of 2-5 modes (more on this later). Well constructed from high quality parts. Uses ATtiny 13A as the micro-controller (so reprogrammable).Switches to low automatically (+switches on and off once every ~2.5 seconds) if the battery is low. Very efficient provided Vf of LED is close to V of battery. Well spaced modes (5%, 30% and 100%). Very reliable
    I have successfully modified this chip to run 3 different LEDs, all individually current regulated to 700mA from the one board. I did this by cutting the "tracers" (electric paths) between the negative legs of the AMC7135 chips (leg on the left when viewed with large ground pad at the top) and soldering each group of AMC7135 to a different LED. This retains the modes but means the LEDs can not get more then their share of the current. This method could also be used to control up to 8 LEDs with independent currents (e.g two LEDs: 1 with 4 chips for 1.4A and one with 1 chip for 350mA).
    Very good choice for single Li-ion torches, easy to install provided you have some soldering skills.Gives you the following mode choices if the stars are soldered to the outside ring (going anticlockwise):(1 - already connected) Low, med, high, strobe and SOS. (2) Low (10%), High (100%), Strobe . (3) Low, med, high. (4) Low and High.Fairly good saving if you buy 5 or so (you will use them eventually).
  • Good driver for the modernization of the flashlight

    posted by Bezpieka

    Well done soldering.Good stabilization of the current at the specified range of supply voltage.Seamlessly cooperation with LED CREE XM-L2 U3
    Little short cable for flashlights witch variable focal length. When soldering thicker wires is needed soldering iron with temperature stabilization. There are likely to damage the driver.About 40 minutes of operation at full power on a single low-quality battery 18650
    Nice to use product for hobbyists that you can change parameter of your old flashlight.

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