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  • Perfect

    posted by FrajolaGz

    very well protected and well done,comes in a box, material to protect the pins, and a cover anti static,in terms of aesthetics, surprised me because it seems incredibly well maintained
    most parts of RepRap for affordable prices, prices in Brazil are absurd,also bought the drivers of power, I hope so too are good as
    I recommend to all who are interested in setting up their own 3d printer
  • A friendly little driver

    posted by carper123

    They work, have proper efficiency and come to a fair price. The simple layout makes it easy to tweak the driver for your specific application. It fits lots of Flashlight shells and modules sold on dx.Take a 7135 chipp off and you get 700ma.So you can use for other leds or you can add a 7135 and get 1400ma just a good driver.
    It should be better to write a couple lines in product description - about installation and configuration of this driver just so the younger people can understand how things work .I'd buy another one :)
    nice driver if you dont want all the other modes just on off works for me.
  • Nice controller - basic but just what you need!

    posted by StNz

    Very easy to hang off an Arduino and to knock up a Sketch to do bit shifting. Runs well down to a delay of around 3(ms?) between pulses where it will just hum.
    I have a pile of stepper motors that I've pulled from printers etc and this is a simple way to get them running.
    I don't think I'll build a bionic arm with these boards, but they are a solid way to prototype and provide simple stepper control. It's a ULN2003 driver array with LED indicators and headers - easy to use at a great price.
  • Good Efficient for XML as Led Driver

    posted by MeKnows

    +Does use the Lithium cell completely+does sustain high heat without current drop+nice configurable modes+easy to solder+gold plated spring+gold finished pcb
    Well it's a basic linear led driver, which works nicely.Only real con for me is that the modes are in reverse compared to the old ones.I still like going low first and then go to high modes.
    Just get more of them if you need..I am definately buy a good bag of them because they are easy to use and you can tune any Led Troch with it
  • Excellent price

    posted by Mudfoot

    Good for driving LEDsWorks with up to 9V; so there are a variety of battery options.
    Remove the resistor from some older flashlights and put these in for better efficiency.
    Great price for a LED driver.

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