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double tape Customers Reviews

  • Best tape ever

    posted by logifin

    Maybe the best tape or should i say adhesive that i have used.Sticks nearly anything after some pressing.Can handle moisture,vibrations.Needs a LOT of force to get off. Especially with two metal surfaces.It is Genuine 3M product
    First it feels that it doesn't stick to anything or hold, but it needs some pressure and after that it takes about 20min to totally stick.I have put piece of fabric to plastic and you cant get it separated without ripping that fabric.This is 1 Cm wide. You can get narrower model that is 0,6 Cm wide
    Very good tape/adhesive for all kind of use.
  • Awesome!!!

    posted by Shinen

    I've stick a power distributor on a vertical part of a desk - It still stay secure after two-three weeks, looks like very good product (probably original). For example, previously bought double sided adhesive tape in local market and place it to trashcan, because useless (the same power distributer do not stick more than few hours)
    seems like it`s true original product, at least have good quality
    do not know how about outdoor use, but for indoor use this is good choice.
  • double eyelids XD

    posted by emmiec

    + comes in 2 packets =)
    + you get 120 pairs
    + gives you double eyelids!!
    + i have sensitive skin and i seem to be okay with it so far.
    + precut! so no more crapy cuts done by yourself!
    it's weird having tape on your eyelids when you go out, so i suggest use it at home alot! then take it off when you go out you'll have double eyelids for a while.
    might as well get it, it's cheap and if you keep using it you might get a perm crease!
  • Quality same as the original Germany made 3M tape

    posted by Hottabych

    Width, colour, stickness same as the original 3M tape GT6008.Stickness seems even better than of original but it may be subjective opinion.Fastens very tight plastic to metal, metal to glass and vice versa. Works fine outdoor, has perfect water resistance, keeps its characteristic being frozen and unfrozen.
    I`d prefer this chinese item for its reasonable price and good quality.
    Ordered and got the second reel.
  • Does a good job

    posted by psyko_chewbacca

    -Tape is really sticky on both sides.-Really useful-Price is awesome for the quantity-3M brand is somewhat reasuring in term of quality but I don't base my judgement on this matter.
    It is always great to have double sided sticky tape around. You never know when it can ease up a project.I can't say more. Don't hesitate. It's a great product.
    Handy item with a really great price. A real deal here! Thank you Dealextreme for that wondeful deal!


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