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double tape Customers Reviews

  • Good tape

    posted by AlphaOmega2k

    Has quality self-ahesive layer. Holds strong. Very strong. Optimal width of a tape for a big surfaces or heavy objects. Looks like geniue 3M tape. Excellent for use at home or for a car.
    Note that the adhesiveness is stronger when it's warm. The warmer - the stronger. Not recommended to apply if temperature is lower than 18 celsius.
    Not sure if it a genuie product, but looks very alike. Anyway it is a great choice. But a bit cheaper would be nicer ;)
  • simply amazing!

    posted by hansi001

    This tape is VERY strong, highly flexible and perfect width for mounting everything from trim to a wireless light switch. price is nothing to complain about either. description says it's for automobiles, but this tape works just as well in the kitchen or the bathroom. I used it to mount various bathroom accessories that would normally require screws.
    5m is more than enough for most people.
    If you need double sided tape (and let's face it, we all do every once in a wgile), buy it NOW!
  • 3M

    posted by magazi074

    Good product, good quality for a good price. Beautifully kept, even in damp conditions. Easy to use.
    Great tape. I stuck them decorative pieces (lower body kits) in his car, kept in spite of rain and low temperatures.(The quality of the product and its packaging - I was pleasantly surprised.)A word of advice about Applying: To achieve good adhesion to the surfaces before gluing them must be degreased with gasoline or ammonia.
    This thing should be in the garage and house.I advise everyone to buy, you will not regret.
  • They work!

    posted by lh123

    They work! After surgery on my eyes, one of my eyelids is droopier than the other. These help even them out. The tape supports the skin and holds it firm and stable up to the crease. Hasn't irritated yet.
    Easier than cutting your own out of medical tape.
    Lots of them in two packages.
    It would be interesting to see how they would look with aging eyes.
    Many videos on YouTube to show you the possibilities.
    Buy them if you can use them! You won't find them cheaper than this!
  • Perfect tape

    posted by MMAgn2

    Great tape to fix a holder for DVR on windshield. Forever. On other side t is hard to remove.Before use clean up the surfaces with alcohol or other to remove a fat with dirt.
    I still not not found better tape than this one from a store in Russia.3M means a registered mark "3M" :)And 15 mm sometimes not enough wide...Need to buy more.
    Perfect item, if you not satisfied usually double side tape.

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