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double sided glass Customers Reviews

  • Nice quality plated through prototype boards

    posted by Mendelt

    Good quality boards, double sided and holes are plated through making the boards easy to solder and very flexible to work with.
    The description is not very clear so I was not sure if the board had holes plated-through. They are making the boards easily solderable. Double sided construction makes the boards nice and flexible. I can use these boards for prototypes or one-off circuits
    Good quality boards. Just a bit more expensive than single sided but so much better to work with. Double sided construction makes it easy to put connectors or components on the side of the board you want them.
  • good double sided protoboard

    posted by baycollie

    The board has through plated holes with pads on both sides to allow soldering components and connections on either side of board. The board is good sized 60 x 36 holes (2160 total).
    Quality fiberglass board. should not warp as phenolic boards sometimes do. Will probably cut it down to 2 or 3 smaller boards for the size of my typical projects, but it is large enough for big projects as well.
    Board is reasonably priced and a good value. Will buy again if needed.
  • A very useful selection of great quality prototyping PCBs

    posted by strykeroz

    Very good selectionGreat sizes so you won't need to cut them down for many applicationsDecent quality construction - really, surprisingly well made
    Most times you see prototyping PCBs that are larger, and need to be cut down for smaller hobby use. These are a great range of sizes. Being tinned on both sides gives you the flexibility of mounting components on both sides (eg for displays, sockets and switches on one side for mounting flush behind a panel).
    I'd bought these before as individuals before seeing the pack. This is a far better way of buying them so I'll probably be buying a couple more of these packs shortly !
  • nice quality

    posted by edsoncfgarcia

    The price. The amount for the price. It's usable.
    Buy if you need for simple projects, and don't expect high quality boards. I'd say that overall, about 80% of the space of the boards is usable. Buy if you need for simple projects, and don't expect high quality boards. I'd say that overall, about 80% of the space of the boards is usable.
    a simply great deal for anyone who works with electronics and making PCB for protoypes or definitive devices
  • Value for money

    posted by chuank

    Simple, well-made, sturdy. Silk-screened labels are well-done, and plating seems to hold up very well. These are so much better than your brown wafer prototyping stripboards, if you're looking to building more permanent circuits.Package came with a tiny pack of dessicant, which is a nice touch.
    Size is great for smaller prototyping projects. The plated-through-hole gives you two layers of prototyping space to work with.
    Get these if you need something more reliable than brown prototyping stripboards.

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