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double side pcb board

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double side pcb board Customers Reviews

  • Good product

    posted by Eskymak

    Really cheap, good quality and overall look. Holes are big enough, no sharp edges. Metalization is holding well.Material quality is really good and board is really clean and ready for soldering.This board is useful for most of small projects. U can simply make addon board for airduino or raspberry pi...Price is really fantastic.
    I can just recommend to everyone whos need small universal PCB
    I can just recommend to everyone whos need universal PCB
  • good quality

    posted by f11lbert

    Very good quality.You can slightly overheat them and the metallization will be ok.
    The size for is very good - you don't need big one for most of your projects.And you can choose very good case for this little pieces of boards.
    I would recommend it to all my friends who interested in PIC and tiny arduino projects so they can easely assemble their projects.
  • Kit muy completo.

    posted by JakoMeister

    Kit muy completo y practico de placas PCB para soldar en proyectos caseros de bricolaje de electronica. Facil y comodo de soldar. Los elementos quedan bien enganchados. La variedad de las placas permite abarcar un amplio abanico de posibilidades.
    Buena compra. Algo totalmente necesario para soldar en proyectos caseros de electronica. Muy buen precio, por separado todos estos componentes serian mucho mas caros.
    Buena compra a buen precio.
  • Nice quality plated through prototype boards

    posted by Mendelt

    Good quality boards, double sided and holes are plated through making the boards easy to solder and very flexible to work with.
    The description is not very clear so I was not sure if the board had holes plated-through. They are making the boards easily solderable. Double sided construction makes the boards nice and flexible. I can use these boards for prototypes or one-off circuits
    Good quality boards. Just a bit more expensive than single sided but so much better to work with. Double sided construction makes it easy to put connectors or components on the side of the board you want them.
  • Looks very strong

    posted by igna94igna

    This PCb looks very strong, the material are nice and the finish is very good, I want to use that for a DIY project and I'm very happy with this. The quality is excelent.
    In general you can use this for all yours DIY projects and the size is very good for medium projects that needs a PCB.
    I'm very happy with this buy, and if I need another I would buy here. In conclusion I recommend this PCB.

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