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double pack Customers Reviews

  • Good stuff

    posted by xquisitevex

    + Pre cut!
    + Came in a pack of two (I don't know if it was supposed to though)
    + Good for people who want double eyelids
    + Clear
    + I think it works?
    I got these for someone who was looking for this product. I thought that it was nice that they are already pre cut, and when that person put them on, it does look like they have double eyelids. Not bad at all if it works I guess!
    Get it if you want to try it, it does work, but I don't know how long before it becomes permanent without the tape >_<
  • Very good quality

    posted by elozed

    Very good quality connectors for a very convenient price. They are well packed when shipped so youmreceive the package in brand new condition as you expect it to be.I have solderednwires to the connectors and they were capable of handling the solder heat.Shipping time was very convenient, since this product is available in stock.
    I will be looking for a variety of female connectors to use these one with.Those female connectors worked with standard 10 pin header that I already have. Very convenient.
    I recommend this product, if you need such connectors, this sku will be of great value to your money and application.
  • It F-ing WORKS !!!

    posted by hugedom

    - It actually WORKS !
    - Not painful at all if wore less than 5mins, it could start to pinch if worn too long.
    - Worn on and off for about a week and double lid is still there
    - Good construction, once again not really painful
    - Comes with a clear rest to hold clips when not in use
    I couldn’t believe it but it worked for me, an Asian man with single eyelid all my life. I was later told, the double eyelid sticker may give a more natural / better looking result in the long run. However, this way it is only 5mins and I usually use it before bed, while I read or play on my NDS before sleeping. Yes, you can still do that with the clips on.
    It WORKS ! And I don't work for DE or people who made these
  • Value for money

    posted by chuank

    Simple, well-made, sturdy. Silk-screened labels are well-done, and plating seems to hold up very well. These are so much better than your brown wafer prototyping stripboards, if you're looking to building more permanent circuits.Package came with a tiny pack of dessicant, which is a nice touch.
    Size is great for smaller prototyping projects. The plated-through-hole gives you two layers of prototyping space to work with.
    Get these if you need something more reliable than brown prototyping stripboards.
  • Cheap disk protection with two pockets

    posted by fastenuff

    Cheap and they hold two disks, I bought these as an alternative to the paper envelopes, which only hold one.
    Compared to the paper ones for around the same price, these seem a little flimsy, but they do hold two disks, which is very handy when giving away or transporting. They also are not as secure, so be careful.
    A good product at a good price that does what is advertised, would buy again.


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