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double glass Customers Reviews

  • Cool glass

    posted by marcostw

    Very cool, nice design, beautiful product. When you fill it with some liquid, it has a nice effect as you can see in the picture. Works well with its simplicity.
    I gave it as a gift to my girlfriend and she loved it! You may want to drink some milk or tea with it, just to enjoy the beauty of this glass :p
    Beautiful! Great as a gift. If you like cute and nice stuff, buy it :)Simple things like this can make your day better ;)
  • Nice quality plated through prototype boards

    posted by Mendelt

    Good quality boards, double sided and holes are plated through making the boards easy to solder and very flexible to work with.
    The description is not very clear so I was not sure if the board had holes plated-through. They are making the boards easily solderable. Double sided construction makes the boards nice and flexible. I can use these boards for prototypes or one-off circuits
    Good quality boards. Just a bit more expensive than single sided but so much better to work with. Double sided construction makes it easy to put connectors or components on the side of the board you want them.
  • it is huge

    posted by f11lbert

    Not excellet but good enought quality.You can work with it without fear that you overheat contacta and they go away. Of cause you can overheat it but not as easely as bad (and even mode expensive) products.
    In fact I do not need such a big board - I just divided it into smaller peaces because I need exact sizes for my cases.So I am pretty happy with the solution.
    Would recommend it if you really need such a huge one or you are going to divide it into peaces as me.
  • Cool board for prototypes!

    posted by AlexNEMO

    Excellent Double-Sided Glass Fiber Prototyping PCB Universal Board (7cm x 9cm). Very high quality of manufacturing. It is covered with a green protective mask and contains marking - 01... 26/A... Z, A... E.
    Excellent Double-Sided Glass Fiber Prototyping PCB Universal Board (7cm x 9cm). Very low price in case of high quality. At us such board can be more expensive by 2-3 times! In case of accurate soldering/desoldering will serve long enough! I recommend!
  • Good for show up!

    posted by PACALHAU

    It really impresses the people. Bought one before and got 2 more for friends. The first that came well packed with styrophoam.
    A pleasant gift for anyone. Found same one for the triple of the price (more resistive indeed) but with exectly the same effect.
    Buy it with no mistake till it's a DX product. A good design aways impress and the price is a must.


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