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  • Good material

    posted by MauricioLara

    Hello, this is my first purshase on this category on dealextreme (heavy tools), those werent for me, for my father, he works a lot with this (he works with crashed cars and fix it :D), he told me thoose are great tools, support heavy work unscrewing nuts in the cars, helps me a lot, thanks son for this and now i trust in DX for importing tools
    these cost twice or three times here at local store, its a great deal to buy it here, you wont regret :D
    i have nothing to say here, but dealetreme ask to fill this item (bottomline), so this text is only for distraction :P
  • Decent alligator clips

    posted by LillaTortilla

    useful for larger connection terminals, stripped wire, chassis and all sorts of things. i don't use them all that often, but they make things a lot easier when i do need them.
    These leads comes in pairs of red, black, green, white and yellow. being so flexible, i first thought they where silicone and therefore heat resistant. I tested this, and they melt quite easily, so watch the amps^^on that note, specified current rating would have been nice.
    decent product, pretty cheap.I'm glad i bought them.
  • Make your own dupont cables

    posted by FuncTech

    These are dupont cables with no plastic housings. I bought some housings of various sizes (1-5 pins)elsewhere, and now I can just rip a few conductors off, push the ends into the appropriate sized housings and quickly make costume dupont cables when I need them.
    Customs jumper cables are now quick and easy to make with no crimping.
    These will be used regularly on my electronics workbench.
  • Good for mobile not for Ipad2

    posted by lingi

    Has two capacitive ends, one of them is narrow and is good for drawing accurately.
    Should be mentioned at the information that it's not for ipad2 (don't know how the rest of the ipad react to the narrow side of the stylus).
    Good stylus. Quality is soso, should be cheaper.
  • Just good wires...

    posted by MACKIEYU

    I have not counted them, but there are many wires :) Great for electronics you will need them every day.. :)
    With 100m of cable I believe I can finish most of my projects. 10cm should be enough for small electronics on relatively small PCBs (for example: robotic cars, handheld devices, controlling equipment etc). Being already tinned, you just need your soldering iron and some solder to put them into your projects..
    You should buy it you'll need it believe me almoust every day...:-)


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