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  • A must have for all Arduino hobbyists.

    posted by rewkk

    - Very useful to get numeric and/or state output and to provide input to a sketch into an Arduino using only 3 pins.
    - Rather cheap for all the functionality provided.
    - The little ribbon cable used to chain several modules can be used to connect the Arduino, when soldering a adequate outlet on a prototype shield.
    It can easily be used with the excellent lib :
    This is obviously a must have for any Arduino hobbyist.
    It can either be used for its own sake, just for fun, or to provide a good way to display some internal values when building something bigger. For example, buttons can be programmed to select a given value to display.
  • Great torch

    posted by Sfyspy

    - Good buid quality- Strong 2xflame - good egronomic- Metal built - Nice design
    Good in hand Strong flame can create good temperature in few second, good to make fire wood for outdoor use, wind can't break flame, cause it's two instead one/Be careful with flames
    Great metal butane lighter, recomment for home&outdoor use. Searching good metal lighter on DX and it seems one of really good products.
  • Good fridge magnets

    posted by smasher

    Decent looking fridge magnets.Each magnet can hold several sheets of printer-paper to my fridge.
    Just as a test, I folded a piece of paper until it was 12 "sheets" thick. One of these magnets can hold it to my fridge and I can probably push it further, but under normal use I'd probably keep it to six sheets, max.From the pictures, I was expecting coloured ferrite magnets. These are (presumably) ferrite magnets encased in little coloured plastic rings. If you shake them, you can hear the magnets rattling around inside.The plastic casing makes the magnets a little less powerful in use, but for holding papers to a fridge they're plenty fine.
    A lot stronger than the "freebie" magnets you get from plumbers, taxis, pizza places, real estate agents, etc.My kid's drawings won't fall off the dishwasher anymore.
  • Simple board

    posted by jthatcher

    Very cheap and easy to use. The main library for it is available and well-known on the Internet, but requires a bit of skill to get working.
    My board came with extra PCB still attached, but was easy to remove.
    A good board if you need a basic 7-segment display, some LEDs and buttons. It's also very easy to chain as well, as it uses SPI.
  • Usefull backpack for fair price

    posted by grzi1971

    -Many diffrent bags in usefull positions-Good build quality-low weight-high volume: I think 6l + 3l via zipper-compatible to diffrent drink systems f.e. Deuter-compact form
    This Modell likes a Deuter Hydro Exp 6 (2004) with some more usefull features! Is my replacement part for this, because this kind didn´t produced longer from Deuter!
    Ideal for biking and camping! A solid all day backpack!If the zipper works like now in future, this one is an actual good offer

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