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  • Much better than expected

    posted by user888

    Very good quality of the materialsStitching is goodThe colors of the material is deep-blackLots of straps and possibilitiesA belt is included to carry the middle-sized bag on your belly, or to use it as a shoulder strap for carrying the middle-sized bag4 bags in oneWhat I also like is the 'military sound' it makes when walking ;-)
    Use it for hiking or survival or when removing the 3 smaller bags for other day trips.
    Very good quality product and can recommended to everyone.
  • Works as intended for wheel robot

    posted by mamdk

    Comes with encoder wheel in cardboard material - easy to adapt for different axle sizes (I've combined it with a LEGO axle) - holes are dark painted not to have any glare from outsidePins are clearly marked with 5v, gnd and outOutput signal from circuit is easily read as it remains high - no need for debounce delays in uC
    Haven't tested how fast the encoder wheel can turn before output gets sluggish - max tics per second would be nice
    Nice duo encoders for use with robots and similar applications. Cheap and versatile if you know how to modify and attach.My robot runs autonomously and smoothly now.
  • Great quality and beautiful

    posted by tristasioux

    Excelent material and quality, nice finish, and big enough to fit a lot of things. The "spikes" sometimes get smashed, but it's easy to put them back to normal. Price may seem high, but it's worth it, really.
    A lot of people see me using this on the streets and say that's beautiful. It's really eye-catching. Also, it's resistent. I use it everyday at work, because I must carry A LOT of things. And this bag handles it very well. Love it =)
    Recommended! Specially if you have an alternative style.
  • Does what it needs to do and does it really good!

    posted by RestyPl

    -nice transfer speed-great design - strong and tangle-free-good quality - feels strong and durable
    I was useing many cables, and normal ones are the pain to use - they tangle, storage is not easy without any patents, cords keep to break. And this one with it's flat cable design is just great! roll it up and it stays this way! it doesn't tangle like the old cables, plus the tata tranfer is preatty nice - what else do you want at this price?
    When you need a new usb-microUsb cable look no further! well maybe change the color if you want to : )
  • Camera double-shoulder Bag

    posted by coolsoft

    Very good package. The material for the bag is very high quality. It has a lot of differential sections inside. It has very high capacity for photo devices and lenses. Also there are many additional pockets outside and waterproof cover.
    Solid enough, configurable sections inside, different ways to carry.I tried to pack inside this bag OES 7D with seven lenses and one flash - fitted!Also batteries and memory cards in the pockets, and tripod aside attached with belt.
    I'm happy to have this bag.

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