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  • Camera double-shoulder Bag

    posted by coolsoft

    Very good package. The material for the bag is very high quality. It has a lot of differential sections inside. It has very high capacity for photo devices and lenses. Also there are many additional pockets outside and waterproof cover.
    Solid enough, configurable sections inside, different ways to carry.I tried to pack inside this bag OES 7D with seven lenses and one flash - fitted!Also batteries and memory cards in the pockets, and tripod aside attached with belt.
    I'm happy to have this bag.
  • Very Good!

    posted by vitalhb

    Strong adhesive. It sticks to almost anything. Good length. Cheaper than branded tapes, although I cannot say which is stronger. The package really contains 5 meters.
    I ordered one and right after receiving it I ordered two more. It would nice to have a version with smaller thickness for other applications.
    Very useful and cheap. Totally worth buying. One of the best products I have ever ordered at Deal Extreme!
  • recomendable

    posted by gr1981

    es lo que necesite para poder mantener cargados y ordenados los comandos de la play, no ocupa espacio tiene terminaciones muy lindas y queda muy presentable!!!
    recomendable para los que tienes ps3 con mube y no saben donde dejar los comandos acomodados.un producto util, simple y muy lindo para poder cargar los comandos mube de la ps3, muyrecomendable!!!!
    un producto util, simple y muy lindo para poder cargar los comandos mube de la ps3, muyrecomendable!!!!
  • CHANFONG ZF-853 Ultrasonic Dog Repeller

    posted by BanthaDooDoo

    Incredibly cheap for the functionality provided.It does what it's supposed to do (as described).Portability. Lightweight. Egornomic.Easy to figure out, reading of instructions would be optional (although the English translation is good for laugh).
    Construction is typical of an Asian originating plastic gadget. But, teat it with respect, it'll go the distance.The red laser seems to be of reasonable strength. More oomph than most laser pointers I've previously used.
    I have dogs next door that howl for hours each day.This morning when they started up, I gave them a dose of this device. They went quiet immediately, mid-howl.Over the next 30-60 seconds we played this game twice more.I haven't heard a further squeak out them all day (6 hours now - bliss !).Between us was a 2m metal fence, shrubbery and, the brick wall of the house in which they were in. I estimate 10 to 12 metres.So far, I'm reasonably impressed. I had expected only mediocre results, at best.I'm looking forward to expanding to the 'barkers' in other neigbouring lots.
  • Excellent desoldering pump

    posted by miertcsak

    I think this desoldering pump will exceed your expectations as Pro's Kit tools are known for great quality products. Solid construction and functionality is what best escribes this esoldering pump. It has double o-ring seals and it's very easy to clean the tool after long desoldering usage. Good price for what you get. Similar items from the local hardware/electronics stores in my area are much more expensive, so this was a good deal for me.
    A great tool for any DIY. In fact, this becomes essential if you are doing anything more than the occasional soldering, since inevitably, mistakes will be made, and you will want to clean up the solder.
    A great alternative to those that don't want to use a desoldering wick (which is consumable). This pump works well and is a good buy for any electronics enthusiast.


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