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dot laser Customers Reviews

  • Useful bright Laser diode for low power projects

    posted by fgmbck

    Bright Laser diode. Light is very constant and with a very long ray.It is great to have a Laser diode that can be fed with a little bit more than 3V.
    I still need some more time to fully test it, but it looks pretty useful for low power circuits.
    Good balance between price and quality. Great product to start working with laser diodes without spending a lot of money.
  • Surprised by mechanical Quality

    posted by LocoDonEduardo

    When unpacking, I was really surprised by the mechanical buld quality. The module itself (the cylinder) is made from stainless steel, only the lens holder is made from plastic, but also covered with stainless steel.We use 4 of them to mark the corners of the female mould while producing fiber reinforced plastic: works great.
    I used plastic buckles to mount it. Built a power supply with a 3.3V LDO... works like a charm
    Will buy some more!
  • Excellent for DIY

    posted by davx80

    - Good build quality
    - Based on aixiz module
    - Focusable
    - Excellent for DIY
    - quite cheap
    If you want to use it with powerful diode. you have to consider an hard work to unmount the module and extract the 5 mw diode. Otherwhise you can do it in 5 minutes if you decide to destroy the 5 mw diode
    Good product for a good price. If you need only a 5 mw pointer buy another item but you decide to use it for a powerful pointer it's probably the best choice. I'd like to have the same product with a green laser diode
  • Very good toy

    posted by allangood

    This is a very tiny and easy to use and easy to embedded laser module. It works with 3.3v (Arduino). The price is very good, almost $1 for module. The light is very bright with nice (for the price) focus.
    They works like a charm. I recommend it! I was bought to build a laser trap with photocells. A very cheap trap!
    It's a good deal. Nice price and nice quality. The time to arrive to Brazil surprised me, only 2 weeks.
  • much better than sku.46390

    posted by linoleo

    - more solidly built than sku.46390- much brighter than sku.46390- appears to have constant current driver: two transistors are visible on the PCB, and my samples pull a constant ~20mA from 2.5V to 5V
    After bad experience with sky.46390, I was pleasantly surprised - these modules are excellent value for money.
    If you're looking for small laser modules, these are the smallest ones of good quality at DX. Will order more.

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