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dot laser module

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dot laser module Customers Reviews

  • very bright laser modeles

    posted by Kotdnz

    Price is good.
    Delivery time is good (only 2 weeks).
    Parts look like very good.
    External diameter is 6,48 - 6,48 and can be mount in hole 6,5 very easy.
    Very bright light !!!
    Easy to use. (I use two elements AG13 and happy)
    I plane to use in my align tool, but now see next one or use complex solution for centerin. In any case - it's not a problem of this parts.
    I don't know how to correct align axis.
    But toy is perfect for this cost.
  • Strong beams, but somewhat fragile units

    posted by vilarcamaraneto

    I expected a small unit, but these are tiny! The beam is stronger than I expected.
    Try not to break the wires near the unit: resoldering appears to require good eyes and a steady hand. Glue it somewhere together with the wires before playing around.
    Perhaps you should expect the bad luck of receiving a defective unit? Another user reported a weak beam, I have a non-working one. If you really need four units, either buy two of these or search for a 5-pack.
  • Very nice

    posted by qlong

    Cheap affordable replacement or DIY laser. It's smaller than I expected.
    Great module for the price, its very cheap and well built
  • Great laser

    posted by maro220

    Good price, small size, easy to tear apart. It's a perfect host for any 5mm laser diode, you can pick up any PHR, long open can red, or any diode you want, rip off the old 5mW diode and put your one there. focusing is good, acrilic lenses doesn't look to be AR coated, so even on a 405nm laser you would lose just a 20% of the power due to acrylic transmittance.
    Would be nice if Deal-Extreme offers glass lens for better performance, e.g. separate or together with the laser module.
    It would probably work out great for making a DIY laser and its cheaper than other ones such as Aixiz (especially with the free shipping - its much cheaper)
  • Cool module

    posted by Shuricksoft

    Good small laser module. It has really good optics with rather small divergence, can be easily disassembled and used to build a more powerful laser from a laser diode (i. e., extracted from a dvd burner), cool optics and build quality allow you to do that.
    Can be used both as a module for DIY projects and as a box and optics for more powerful lasers. In the first case you may power it directly (the driver is built-in). It worked both from two 1,5V batteries and one 3V cell, so, the voltage of laser generation starting is less than 3,5V described
    Good to buy for everyone who is involved in lasers and laser building.

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