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door locks Customers Reviews

  • Useful and nice looking

    posted by EteXor

    Useful and nice looking. It is not too versatile as it can only be used on doors or drawer that are aligned but, as it is made with a rigid piece of plastic, it can remain steadily even when you child is pulling to open the door.
    If the adhesive part is replaced by a higher quality one would be perfect.
    I will buy another pack when I need it.
  • Cheap locking system

    posted by ShadowLight

    It's cheap, it's working... What else do you need? ;)It comes with holding brackets to fix them, a controler box, an inline fuse.The driver side one has three more wires:- 1. Common- 2. Locking sensing switch- 3. Unlocking sensing switchWhen unlocking, Common and Unlocking switch will be closed (in contact), while Common and Locking switch will be opened (disconnected). When locking, common and locking will be closed, while common and unlocking will be opened.
    There is a little wiring diagram on the back side of the box I almost missed it!They are basic two wires actuators, it will open or lock depending on the polarity you will be feeding them if used without the controler.
    I bought these to replace my Chrysler 300M driver side motor and I'm still trying to find a way to wire everything up, but it should do the trick ;)
  • Good enough quality for a fair price

    posted by downhillfreak

    Works fine! I tested it before installing it.The remote control is quite elegant and certainly not too bulky. Working range is good. More than 10 metres.It includes all installation accessories needed.
    Installing the unit takes al lot of time.When doing it right you will need to remove many interior parts of your car. This is certainly not a job you'll do in a spare afternoon
    Good enough quality for a fair price. I would recommend it to others.
  • Easy to use lock

    posted by hcjehg

    Easy to mount and easy to connect. The locking pin is not only kept in place by the magnetic field, it seems that there are also a mechanical lock holding it untill the power is cut.It is delivered with wooden screws to put it in place.
    I use two of those for my door, one at the top and one at the bottom.Text is not english...Red wire +12V lockingBlack wire Gnd lockingWhite wire Status commonGreen wire Status NO Connected to Common when lockedYellow wire Status NC Connected to Commen when not lockedStatus and Locking power seems galvanically isolated.
    I think this is a good product at a reasonable price.
  • Worth buying

    posted by Zolitan

    Is able to pick downward which is useful in some instances as there quite a few lock pins that are at the bottom.Easier than having to turn an upward pick gun upside down!
    Of the three items that I bought, this one is so far the better one.Buy it, but remember to not put the tension wheel too far back or else you will have problems!!
    The material of the gun is made of same material as any other pick gun, however attention should be given to the tension wheel as it malfunctions.Other than that it is not a bad tool.


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