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doll green Customers Reviews

  • Perfect gift for Android-fanboys

    posted by appleeaterx

    *It's very good as a small gift.*Could be used as souvernir.*Is a very cool keychain as Android is very populair nowadays.*It looks very good, and it's luckily the same as the real Android logo.*Does glow in the dark when it absorbed light (doesn't glow alot, but you'll find it faster than ex: your phone)*The green looks very lime-ish, which is very nice for Glow-In-The-Dark
    All the colours are very beautiful, but I prefer this one, as the green is lime-ish, and the original Android-logo is too.
    This fine product is great as souvernir or as gift for your friends. It's cute and small and the strap can be easily attached to your phone.
  • Funny one

    posted by Berith

    It funny and pops eyes as it should :)Great as funny gift.Great then you need to do "rubber duck debugging" believe me this frog works great for this too!It really makes you (and not only you!) smile :)
    Cool stuff to keep on desk.Friend of mine which received it as a gift loved it instantly.
    It is worth buying since it can be used as uncommon gift.
  • time for a one up

    posted by calc1

    One up time ! Very cute little mushroom looks great in my rear view mirror. Nice texture quality of fabric being used. Comes attached with a genuine looking Japanese tag.
    There seems to be a myriad of different sizes for these things. I was given a big red version from a friend that seemed to measure the same dimensions listed for this one by DX. But the measurements are totally off. When but put side by side there is a noticeable difference in size.
    Very nice. Need more colors of this size.
  • Great Hat and Cussion

    posted by snv8888

    Big puffy hat. Fits the heads of smaller kids and adults.
    Inside of hat is filled with lots of soft spongy foamy material so that it fits almost all size heads!
    Backs up as a pillow or cushion as it's really soft and thick!
    Nice colours.
    The 'L' would match anyone with a name or surname starting with the same alphabet!
    Kids like this very much.
    Good quality materials and finishing.
    A collectors item of you are a Super Mario / Luigi fan. Or if you play the Smario nintendo games often!
    Both kids and adults will like this!
    Stand out of the crowd and make yourself look goofy!!!
  • Little Yoshi

    posted by gothicspiderman

    Yoshi is very soft. He is very well made. He is small which I like, he does not take up much space. He is green, just like the original Yoshi. His little tongue doesn't move, but that's okay I love him anyway.
    I love my Yoshi. It brings back wonderful memories of my childhood. Yoshi was a great video game. He is an adorable little plushy and unless you were to give him to a rabid racoon on Ecstasy I expect him to hold up for a long time.
    Yoshi is the perfect keepsake that I cannot wait to share with my kids.

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