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dog collars Customers Reviews

  • good for dogs not cats

    posted by erez57

    This thing is excellent for medium dogs but this is not for cats as mentioned. Looks very usefull for a dog but i question the ability to repel flees.
    If u got a dog great but for cats its not suitable so don't bother. the collar has a weird smell due to the repellent on the collar so be carefull it gets on ure hands and cloths and then they smell.
    A good collar for dogs but definitely not for cats it just doesn't work even on the smallest setting.
  • Ultrasonic Bark-Stop Collar for Dogs

    posted by jairgoulart

    I have bought some for my dog. The price is very good, but could be a little bit cheaper as you can see in other places. In some dogs its works, in others they don´t take effect. It´s good that it´s chip and I had never been taxed.
    You need to fully understand how it works. It does not work by simply placing it on your dog's neck. You must train your dog so that he understand that the sound means something.
    Ok, but you can find best options, which are more expensive in Deal extreme website.
  • Good purchase

    posted by lichvarmartin

    - very good range ( max 1000m)- 3 training options ( can use together) 1. Buzzer 2. vibrations 3. electro schock- you have 99 levels of each training option- you have 3 different electrodes ( longest for long hair dogs)- collar will switch off once dog is not moving for couple of minutes ( sleeping etc. ) after he moves it will switch on
    - before you use it try it on your self ( not on neck!!!, use your leg) - just to know what it will do with your dog and what level you should use in begining ( i am using only buzzer on max, electroshock only few times )-if your dog is stubborn and is not listening, use electroshock, you need to use it only 2 -3 times and it will done the job ( i used level 10 from 99)
    - generaly wery helpful- use it only to train your dog
  • Nice collar

    posted by Rob_Oppen

    Strong, pretty collar. LEDs are bright enough to be seen without being too bright to annoy the dogs eyes. Fun. Great for spotting dog at night several hundred yards away.
    The collar will fit 13 to 15 inch necks (33 to 38 cm). Possibly even a little bit bigger neck.
    The buckle uses 3 holes giving an inside circumference of 15.75" (40 cm), or 14 5/8" (37 cm), or 13.5" (34 cm).
    The collar is 1" (2.5 cm) wide. The buckle and D-ring are wider at 1.5" (3.8 cm).
    The D-ring is nice and large for easy attachment. The battery box is 1.25" (3 cm) wide, 1.5" (4 cm) long by 5/8" (1.6 cm) thick.
    The 6 LEDs flash in pairs (Two red flash together, then two blue, then two yellow then a brief pause, then starts over).
    The lights are 1 1/8" (3 cm) apart and cover about 5.5" (14 cm) of the collar. Meaning they cover only about 1/3 of the collar. The heaviest part of the collar (the buckle and loop) hang down so the LEDs tend to ride on top and to one side of the neck.
    It comes with two CR2032 batteries (not CR1220 as stated).
    Great collar. Get one.
  • God for training dogs, but LQ materials

    posted by edqta

    Very nice desing, easy to use, great power, keeps my dog controlled inside the whole perimeter. More than 200m of coverage which was great for me. Doesn't interference with phones or any other phone, mobile, radio.
    It's a great idea that has a small red led on it. It helped to easy locate my dog in the darker nights.
    Good product, does what it says. As electronic device is sophisticated and does the job great. As a PET device, is not as strong as it should be. Casing must be re-tested and redesigned to work in real hard enviorement.


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