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dog bark collar

Every single dog bark collar displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. DX also offers coupon discounts as high as 50% for products on the dx website, offering you huge savings! remote dog collar, dog collar blue may be more suitable for you. DX is the best cool gadgets provider, so take action now and come take a look at our site dx.com.
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dog bark collar Customers Reviews

  • Good Collar

    posted by kishish

    Useful, big bottoms, widely distributed batteries, laser pointer for fun. Original magnetic switch on reciever. To switch on/off simply touch the collar remote control.
    Be careful to use this device, read instructions how to train your dog, use static only in case of emergency.
    This is my second collar from DX. First (SKU 55110) was very unuseful, RC was standby after 5 minutes, little display without lighting and so on.
  • Anti-bark device that silence even the loudest dog

    posted by RBMK9000

    It has power setting, so you can adjust it for dog as small as chihuaua or as big as german shepheard.It has progression, that works. At first bark it beeps, at second more beep, and then shock, bigger shock...
    Mine came with glow lamp packaged with battery, so i can limit the shock voltage, if i install it across the transformer output in the holes prepared for it.Basic soldering skills are required, bud finding transformer output is easy for anyone.
    It does the job as advertised and keeps any dog quiet in a humane way.
  • Is it worth buying.

    posted by neivalmn

    Product works perfectly. Product with good quality. Use Guaranteed.
    My pets accepted on first use the product. I have a labrador who barks day and night with the leash and she was quiet in the first attempt lator. The good thing is that this product does not have any damage to the animal.
    The price is excellent, because here in Brazil that product costs about R$ 200,00 ($100,00) and most of what we have here is the product of shock causing harm to the animal.
  • So far, it works!

    posted by freetek

    For the time being, some of us will be getting more sleep than previous. The annoying dog barked twice, yips three times and since then has been quiet at least in our presence.The units do not seem well-protected from weather but we put a small plastic bag over the box and ran the collar through slits, just in case.This doesn't seem to affect operation at all.
    Since we don't like hurting animals and some of these are too powerful and can burn the dog's hide, my son tested it on his arm - once only! No burns though.
    Am ordering a second collar for a friend today.
  • Great Product

    posted by Endosis

    Great battery life. Good build quaility. I was able to effectively use this to train my dogs outside. Indoors on a leesh is easy but these allow you to immediately reach out and correct a dogs behavior.
    I owned and used these for a month and charged them only twice. When i did it was because i had been using them for 2 hours a day, vidrating only 8 or 9 times.
    I dropped the remote in a bowl of water and didn't notice it until the next day. Going to order another remote right now however i think i need to buy the collar as well. All in all this product gets my recommendation.


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