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dog bark collar

Every single dog bark collar displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. DX also offers coupon discounts as high as 50% for products on the dx website, offering you huge savings! remote dog collar, dog collar blue may be more suitable for you. DX is the best cool gadgets provider, so take action now and come take a look at our site dx.com.
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dog bark collar Customers Reviews

  • worth a try

    posted by saintje

    It's cheap
    It does make a sound if your dogs bark (or if you bark yourself or blow into the sensor)
    Works if your dog is sensitive to it.
    Doesn't hurt your dog, so that's a big plus.
    Those devices that give your dog a shock are awfull.
    It's not very expensive, and it's definitly not harmfull.
    If you have a very barky dog, and are willing to spend 10$ to see if you can stop him. Try this device.
    Depending on your dog, it might work or not. If it doesn't work, you can always sell it on ebay.
  • Good Collar

    posted by kishish

    Useful, big bottoms, widely distributed batteries, laser pointer for fun. Original magnetic switch on reciever. To switch on/off simply touch the collar remote control.
    Be careful to use this device, read instructions how to train your dog, use static only in case of emergency.
    This is my second collar from DX. First (SKU 55110) was very unuseful, RC was standby after 5 minutes, little display without lighting and so on.
  • Is it worth buying.

    posted by neivalmn

    Product works perfectly. Product with good quality. Use Guaranteed.
    My pets accepted on first use the product. I have a labrador who barks day and night with the leash and she was quiet in the first attempt lator. The good thing is that this product does not have any damage to the animal.
    The price is excellent, because here in Brazil that product costs about R$ 200,00 ($100,00) and most of what we have here is the product of shock causing harm to the animal.
  • Useful and good quality

    posted by istvan.jablonkai

    This collar is made of escellent quality.I am also happy with the used battery type as other collars often uses button-style batteries which are weaker and more expensive.No accidental shock as the collar is reacting only to the signal of the inbuilt microphone so I found it very safe to use.
    Your dog will "cry" during and after the first 2-3 times of usage. Then he will learn that barking is against health.:)
    Severeal years ago I bought a collar like this for 10 times the price of this (made in France). Never again.The DX one is working perfectly and both build quality and price are great. Recommended.
  • Collar is good

    posted by Eyken

    Easy to operate since you get used to it. And easy to replace batteries.on short distances works pretty well. Vibrating feature is good after dog felt a shock - vibrating makes it obey and no need to shock again.
    Althought it's not good thing to use on dog I used it for one command only. I don't think that dog needs it.Please be aware it is illegal in Europe Union.
    If you exactly know what you're going to do - buy it - it worth of its price.


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