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  • Does the job, and looks good enough =)

    posted by Pushnoi

    Looks ok. Since you have 2 different slides for IDE and SATA it's quite convenient. Never actually used all the different memory stuff in the front, so now idea how that performances. Same goes for the 'One Touch Backup' button, though I'm sure both do a pretty good job.
    Do not use it that much, to be honest, but it's handy to have and it sits nicely on my desk.
    Does the job, and does not look ugly while doing so =)
  • Worth every cent!

    posted by jilleberends

    - Works perfectly with Windows 7
    - Excellent to backup old drives
    - Ideal for recovery
    - Compact
    - Has a lever on the bottom to position the power plug
    I used this device to recover and wipe all my all old harddrives which were still waiting on a shelf. It does what it claims to do, but not all HD brands will fit!
    Wonderful device. Recommended for everyone who has to fix other peoples' pc's every now and then!
  • Elegant and reliable

    posted by brasildeluna

    Very elegant and discreet, looks very professional and doesn't take up too much table room. Plastic looks strong enough, I've had it for almost a year and it is completely intact. Connection is quite fast with USB 3.0. Included cable is long enough.
    I feel that all available Docks lack a protective case to protect from sunshine, dust and other impurities. I use a thin cloth on top of them, but it just looks bad.
    Great reliable product. I feel it is quite pricey, but it's the best bang for your buck you will find on DX.
  • Jó termék néhány hiányossággal.

    posted by samat57

    Jó termék, sok hasznát vettem eddig. Az ide csatlakozóval nem volt gond, mind jól illeszkedik bele. A SATA csatlakozó már nem ennyire bíztató. Különbözo HDD nél más a táp és a data csatlakozó közötti távolság. Így elofordult, hogy nem illeszkedett. Hasznosak az Esata és a kártyaolvasó csatlakozások.
    Sok lehetoséget ad, egyszeru használni. Hiányosságai ellenére is hasznos eszköz.
  • Works great (Almost...)

    posted by arikd

    Great way to use SATA disks as quick available storageresonable price.you get a card reader as an added bonus (almost)- card reader can READ SDHC (no problem with my 16GB card)
    the ESATA connector on the back works for only one of the drives. I did not check it. I wonder if I will have to restart my computer to gain acces to the ESATA drive as I need to do with a drive connected directly to ESATA or if it will see it automatically.
    Very useful device, would have been perfect if the card reader was able to write as well as read...

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