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diy wire breadboard

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  • Very useful and sort colors

    posted by gmv

    Very useful and easy to use. Differents sizes of cables are perfect for DIY projects.I use in my arduino projects, and in my Raspberry PI projects. The connections are very well done.Different colors is perfect to differenciate between the PINS.
    Perfects for arduino and Raspberry PI projects.Very useful for DIY projects that need simple wired.The price is perfect.
    Very elastics and durability.I use with other wires (Single Port Female to Female Jumper Wire Set (50-Pack/20CM-Length)) and the mixture is perfect.
  • Great help in small projetc

    posted by cyriusbe

    - Easy to use- many small and long cable- light, small
    I have used this to simplify measurement of current in a circuit with several branches, much more simple to use the board and cable than go in non precise contact (well, need to cut some wire, but was so easy to make measurement, corrections then sold them back)
    Useful small things, even if deturned from primary use. (disturbing rules of 500 chars minimum need to add silly comment to reach it)
  • great for those quick put it together moments

    posted by fabio1964

    Very price, a lot cheaper than what my local hobby store sells at. Has a good assortment of wire lengths and colors.
    Thinner that should be for a breadboard or Arduino - BIG Con . Can be used only mostly on accessories. They are flimsy, so they can disconnect easily if board/Arduino is moved More colors needed More long cables needed
    I love those wires, I will probably by one more pack.
  • Usefull premounted/soldered cable !

    posted by cyriusbe

    I simply cannot find there already mounted/soldered cable nearby!! if i want, i have to take ide/scsi ribbon and try to find the plug to sold etc....
    This is simply making me win money, time (most) and are so easy to use.
    I already have used them to "update" the wiring of my diving computer companion, this was already "DIY"ed because it was old. But the first "correction" were also have tighting problem.
    I have taken the cable and replaced all connexion (9v battery, intenal wiring, connection to my diving computer thanks to the furnished pin (lucky i am, correct size)). Now it's working marvelously :-).
    I also used sku.80208 which is the companion of this set.
    I also have used them to make motherboard connection longer without cutting soldering wires.
    I was searching this kind of pre cabled wires for years !!!
    My futur usage: LED DIY wiring, but this can be a cons to see
    Magic wires, premounted, pre solderes, what a gain of time !
  • Fine

    posted by kartalt

    Delivery was unexpectedly fast. Cables are good for jumping, I do not need to steer wires any more. Cable Pins are ideal for arduino, much better than my home-made cables. The cables are packed into a strip, and there are 4 different lengths of cables. As advised, there are 65 cables in the package.
    Maybe price could be a bit lower.

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