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diy white Customers Reviews

  • What you see is what you get

    posted by Pluriomicida

    What you see is what you get. You will get exactly what is shown in the picture. A plastic bag with 2 h7 sockets. The thickness of the wire is good and the final part is precutted to make it easier to attack to other existing wires.
    The ceramic part seems good quality and the plastic housing covers it leaving the final part exposed. A H7 light bulb easily fitts the socket without problems.
    Personally I don't like the wiring colors. I would have prefered it with the classic color combination for + and - polarity.
  • Nice decorations

    posted by Almantauskas

    An easy way to decorate and renew things. My wife decorated her smart phone, our daughter's phone and her notebook. We will order more of these things for replacement of those which have already gone off.
    Could be a little bit cheaper.The shipping time was really surprisingly short this time - that was good. Hope, all other new orders will be shipped in the same pace.
    If not touched, quite a practical thing. Looks good used for the women' and girls' things.
  • great back-lighting solution.

    posted by dustooff

    SMD 5050 standard package layout.each LED has 3 point sources of light,each on a separate pin,this could also be a con.Use as a 3 pixel element.Relatively low height compared to other SMD LED's.
    having 3 LED's in one package could allow for further matrix/multiplexing setup.maybe allows 3 pixels for each LED.Can be 'dead bugged' to make a lighting strip. This eliminates the need to prototype on a PCB.
    will probably buy more of these given stock holds.
  • LED module 100W

    posted by Luc6580

    This module delivers a lot of light when combined with the power module 100W.It's easy to fix with four screws on a cooling element.
    The combination with the power module 100W is very good.The module delivers nearly no heat and is very small (120 x55x35 mm)
    The efficienty is very good, i estimate 80 lumen per watt, but is not better than a good TL light.When the efficienty still increases,it will be worthwhile to build it in fixture's for living purposes.The color of the light must also be improved.
  • Perfect for replacing a commom TL-tube!

    posted by Polonium

    - Very cold light, very bright!!!!- build quality is very good.
    I bought six of those, to replace 2 "old" TL-fixtures of 40W. Each LED-lamp has 3 emitters in series, powered with SKU 156230. To dissipate the heat of each emitter is fitted them on a Aluminum profile of about 1m length using good thermal paste (of course).
    Gives MUCH more light than that "old" TL-tube for about the same power consumption.Other benefits: no flickering, lifespan 10-folded.

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