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diy square Customers Reviews

  • Fantastic magnets

    posted by Marauder

    Very good quality.The shipment are very very quick and the goods come well protected.The postman delivered at home.
    Perfect for yours DIY projects with magnets, depend your project the measure of the magnet is very good.Take care of your fingers.
    At the end of this review, no more things to add.Thanks to DX.
  • 20 Watt white ledchip of good quality.

    posted by lasermanathome

    This type of chips is own by me in several wattages, This one, the 20 Watt version is less critical in its cooling demands as the 30, 50 and 100 Watt but still, it needs GOOD COOLING!!When that is in order, the hughe amount of pure white light -like sunlight- is produced without problems for a long, very long time.Even some more than 20 watt is no problem, just keep the chip nice cool
    These leds must be shielded , so you can"t look right into them, the 20 emmiters are long time in your vision when you look in the working led, it is awful bright.
    Best buy, ther 20 Watt version can be cooled more easy than the 50 Watt version.They are ideal fur using them in the kitchen or places where is worked with colors.You can build them in uplighters or armatures wich diffuse the light, they are to bright to look in to sodo not use the bare emitter where it ban be seen directly.Because it's lifespan you can build it in completely.When good cooled and with about 15 Watt, you propable never have to replace it!!
  • Bright LEDs

    posted by bradley90

    These are super bright RED LED modules. With only a 10 Watt dissipation, it is really easy to mount to a small heat sink with a small fan and not worry about over heating the modules. These modules would make fabulous emergency back lights. By keeping the amperage below 500ma, a smaller heat sink would be required and a simple constant current source could be constructed using a 78LM05 voltage regulator and one resistor. No fan would be required
    None - Just great LEDs
    Bottom line, for the money, these are awesome LEDs. They can be used in interesting DIY projects like LED communications or theme lighting.
  • Good buttons for a low price

    posted by Bullback

    For 20 pieces they are really cheap, and I have till now still a lot of fun with them.
    The spec says that they are 1,4mm x 1,4mm this are the upper ring dimensions, NOT the actual hole to fit nice and tight!
    At this moment I don't use them a lot, so I don't know how long these buttons last.But they are nice little buttons for not so much money.
  • Huge light output for its size

    posted by BjornR1989

    + Very high light output, comparable to a 500W halogen bulb+ More energy efficient than halogen lamps with similar light output+ True cold white light+ Compact design
    When in doubt what the correct polarity is, a regular multimeter switched to diode measurement mode will not be sufficient to test the polarity since the module consists of many light emitting diodes in series. The voltage drop simply is too high.Use a current limited bench supply and slowly turn up the voltage.I sure hope it'll outlast multiple regular light bulbs.
    Lots of light at a reasonable price. Just make sure to choose the right constant current power supply.

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