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  • Awsome DIY host

    posted by Eudaimonium

    Awsome anodizing finish, inner construction easy to understand and (re)modify to suit your needs, usage of driver pill makes great new options for laser building, very solid contacts, tilcap clicky switch can take a lot of abuse, easily changeable caps.
    Awsome host for any flashlight or laser build. Maybe lack of mass for heatsink in the head, but compensated by lightsable-looking outside appearance.
    I've installed P7 emitter into one, that draws 2.3 A, and clicky switch still hasn't melted. A lot of my laser builds also are in this host which is awsome for that kind of usage.
    Great host, great price, awsome.
  • The whispering thing

    posted by RomByDan

    Surprisingly well-built. Considering the price, I thought I'll get yet another cheap fan. You know, kinda like stock ones in most PC cases - just a bit larger and working off AC mains, instead of 12V DC. But when I've put my hands on it - I've realized it's a real bargain.The casing is made of some kind of aluminum alloy, and is massive enough to eliminate vibration.And when I turned it on, it was another surprise. I expected it to roar, but heard only a quiet whisper, barely noticeable even a meter away.
    The wire was not long enough for me. It is sold as DIY thing, but already has a plug attached. As for me, I'd prefer it with bare wires. But it isn't hard to cut it off, so I won't count this as a con.
    Not only worth the price, but surprisingly well made. I'll definitely buy more of these.
  • Excellent Host

    posted by kris23

    An excellent host, ordered this with a couple trustfire protected 18650s... i installed a Cree MC-E M Bin that i bought a while back from the "other store" into this host by sanding it down with a hand file until it fit..... very painful process but so worth it....i had a dual AMC7135 (2.8A) board that i also got from "the other store" that fit right into the driver section of the pill. didn't use the retaining ring because the dual boards ended up being too fat... the driver holds itself in well anyway.once everything was to be put together, i wired up the driver and prepped the MC-E for mounting by applying some Arctic Silver 5 (get Arctic Cooling MX-2 its better for this application)i then mounted the LED and the driver, after that i cut the wires to length and soldered them down. the tension from the wires seems to keep the driver from even getting loose. to finish the pill up, i placed a dot of solder on the center (+) connector of the AMC board as it doesnt have its own contact and that was the end of it!i screwed the pill in, screwed the head on, (the PCB for the MC-E is thicker than the ones on the XR-Es, allowing the head assembly to put a good amount of force on the LED so it makes great contact with the body thanks to the thermal paste. no short circuiting either with the MC-E! unlike the XR-E.well the light was finished and my batteries were charged, i dropped a fresh trustfire 18650 cell into the light, screwed the switch on and THEN pushed the button..... i was a very happy person...
    the light is excellent..... i ran it continuously with no sign of dimming or bluing or any other signs of heat damage (as far as i could tell) to the LED.... that was a run for a full 30+ minutes.... the casing got HOT though. i wouldnt leave this thing on unattended because i believe my holding the light played a role in the heatsinking as well.i left it on in my pocket once though.... realized it when the heat began to burn against my leg..... probably reached 60C at the case then.... no visible signs of damage to the LED though.
    this thing is excellent.... i love my pocket MC-E light....about 45 minutes of 600-900lm in a tiny tube of a torch..... i want to make more of them...
  • Great DIY host

    posted by David18

    I used this host for an XM-L T6 emitter (SKU 50599) and a Nanjg 105C 2.8A driver from elsewhere. The flood and throw with this combination is outstanding. The host has excellent heat sinking as the body gets very hot - even too hot to touch. The threads are quite good. Unlike some others, mine came with the BRASS RING installed in the pill!
    There is plenty of spare room in the pill to mount drivers with lots of electronics.It would be nice to be able to buy spare tail caps like the ones that came with SKU 1446 or better yet, this should ship with those so protected cells can be used,As someone else said it would be good to be able to buy spare pills for other emitter and driver combos.When using the XM-L make sure the solder pad connections are kept as low profile as possible because if not, the supplied insulating ring will ride to high. Also, because the hole in the reflector is much larger than the emitter, be careful to ensure it is centered correctly. I did not permanently mount my emitter, I just used silver CPU grease so I can change the emitter later.keep solder pad connection to emitter as low as possible otherwise insualtor won't fit
    An excellent host for flashlight projects.

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