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  • greebo

    posted by gr33b0

    - Good quality, all the transistors i've used worked. - They are cheap. - They fit on experiment boards. - They feel sturdy - Had no problem soldering them - Cannot detect any differences with other transistors i worked with - Packed in different packages.
    - For less than 4 dollars you'll get 200 transistors, I think that it takes a long time before I need any more.
    Great buy, You'll probably do not need any more transistors for your projects for a long time.
  • Better socket to build lamp modules

    posted by alela

    Excellent led plate. It also work as a heat sink.
    In some cases you need to attach another heatsink. I wish dx would offer round heatsinks for this plate. Also square and rectangular plates will be usefull for several kind of uses.
    In my experience is better to first apply some solder wire with a 60W solder to every contact on the plate. As a second step, you can do the same to the led tips and finally sold one of the led legs to the plate. Put some silicon grease on the bottom of the led and apply again the solder so the thermal contact between the led and the plate is perfect.uper recommended!
  • Very good motor!

    posted by pucheta

    - Excellent motor for DIY projects- Very robust construction. This is important for certain applications.- Great price for its performace- Connection pins (with holes) allow connecting a cable momentarily without soldering. This is good to do tests without soldering the cables until it is necessary.
    I used these motors to make a small vibrating platform to filter a product through a sieve. The behavior of these small motors is excellent.
    I will buy more of these!

    posted by PROCALIBER

    I ordered one, thinking into gift to my
    wife, wich is a SUPERB GOURMET LADY, but
    when arrives, I stolled off to my purposes.
    Did you notice that I´d stolled from my wife?
    Yes, when I´d openned that smelly bubbled
    yellowish package, my eyes opens higgh on it.
    USES IT AS A HOBBY TOOL! It´s fine to spread
    glue, mixed tints, grains and, YES, you can
    uses it under a normal Kitchen Environments!
  • Good, but some packaging problems.

    posted by pulkomandy

    You always need some IC sockets when working with electronics. Get some of these sets so you have all required sizes.
    Not much more to say.
    Useful to have around, but I think these won't last long if you plan to use them for intensive insert/remove operations. Get something better if you need that.For use-once, they will do fine.


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