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diy power Customers Reviews

  • Nice, but no Polarization!

    posted by underdesign

    Cheap, well made, solid plastic and good metal. Built to be inserted into punched sheet metal. I had high hopes for these, only to be dejected by every US 2-prong polarized power plug that won't fit!
    I will be forced to pay 4x as much for outlets from a local retailer that are up to spec.
    If you have a project that calls for non-polarized plugs, this is a solid deal.

    posted by DoniSacramento

    Fantastic passtime while mounting. Easy to assemble. Sturdy and easy-to-handle material. Looks really better than if was made of plastic. Great gift for children as well as people of whatever the age. Engine requires no maximum luminosity to operate.
    Since it is made of wood, parents should tend to prefer to buy toys made of that material to teach their children sustainability importance.
    Highly recommended for all ages.
  • Motorcycle cigarrtte lighter power socket

    posted by RSostena

    Cheap. Looks well made. Good power cord qnd conector. Can fit in different diameters of the hand bar (see below).Plastic cap looks to work fine.
    Cheap and well made. Only pay attention to connection.
    Good product for right price.
  • The Perfect Educational Toy!

    posted by mr350

    The perfect educational toy to learn about alternative energy, specifically Metal-Air Fuel Cells! This multi award winning toy comes in a u-build format which will also teach you some mechanical knowledge while you assemble it. The pieces are well marked for identification and assembly is quite literally a snap. I was quite impressed with how well the pieces fit together and the appearance of the finished car. On top of that, you end up with one of the coolest toy cars of tomorrow that runs on salt water! Imagine the possibilities.
    This is just a great toy that will open up a whole new world of alternative energy once people realize the full potential of Metal-Air Fuel Cells!
  • Good quality inductors

    posted by fontaine

    easy to use for RF filters , even without PCB .Q factor around 30 , depending upon test frequency and value .Size identical to 1/2 W resistor .Not recommended for power applications such as Transmitters or for RF oscillators .
    Would be interesting to propose 3 different lots with more values per decade : at least E6 , if possible E12 ; and starting at 100nH or less .It would be also interesting to propose SMD (1206) coils .
    Very good quality to cost ratio .


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