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  • basic binding post - only missing hole for wire

    posted by ehud42

    Good little posts with collars to enable safe mounting in metal boxes. Mounting hardware is adequate - 2 nuts, washer, tab for wire to be soldered to. Thumb nut contains metal/brass nut to ensure good life.
    Will be using them in home made bench power supplies.
    Good deal for DIY power bench power supplies or RC battery charging stations.
  • Decent alligator clips

    posted by LillaTortilla

    useful for larger connection terminals, stripped wire, chassis and all sorts of things. i don't use them all that often, but they make things a lot easier when i do need them.
    These leads comes in pairs of red, black, green, white and yellow. being so flexible, i first thought they where silicone and therefore heat resistant. I tested this, and they melt quite easily, so watch the amps^^on that note, specified current rating would have been nice.
    decent product, pretty cheap.I'm glad i bought them.
  • Cheap USB connectors

    posted by GeeJiiZet

    Quite cheap with only about 0.12 USD a piece, but they work fine and can be soldered to any standard dot matrix prototyping circuit boards.
    There are no markings which pin is which (VCC, D+, D-, GND), so make sure to double check the pin layout from external resources.
    These are the standard female USB 2.0 sockets you see on computers. If you need to replace one or need some in your DIY projects, these are cheap and suitable for that. I can't vouch for their durability, though.
  • Nice decorations

    posted by Almantauskas

    An easy way to decorate and renew things. My wife decorated her smart phone, our daughter's phone and her notebook. We will order more of these things for replacement of those which have already gone off.
    Could be a little bit cheaper.The shipping time was really surprisingly short this time - that was good. Hope, all other new orders will be shipped in the same pace.
    If not touched, quite a practical thing. Looks good used for the women' and girls' things.
  • Really good quality for an excelent price :D

    posted by Voyagerscout

    -Really sturdy. I expected something of lesser quality for this price, amazing!-Good soldering contacts (not too small, a.k.a. wont snap off)-Feels durable-Handles quite a bit of current without effort-plastic doesn't melt when you solder the leads. (cheap switches have that problem sometimes)
    A must-have for diy flashlights and other diy handheld devices!

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