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diy piece pack Customers Reviews

  • very rigid construction, standard footprint

    posted by pmeslin

    Ridiculously low price for those plugs and a tight fit. USB connectors are held very firmly in place and there is no give or play. The footprint is also bog-standard for vertical twinned USB connectors so there's no worries about having to tweak PCB designs to accomodate any quirks.
    A perfect match for small batches of custom USB adapters, chargers or other DIY projects.
  • Great quality at a great price

    posted by aaronfulton1

    These are great terminal blocks. The quality is really quite good and they work as designed. The terminals are a great price for a good quality product. There is not much more to say - a terminal is a terminal.
    I bought 20 packs of terminal blocks for a project and didn't find single problem with any of them. They are much cheaper than you can buy in shops.
    If your looking to buy a terminal block these ones come recommended. A good quality product for a nice price.
  • Great little Switch

    posted by Timanris

    * work great just as they should* same quality as locally bought ones* VERY cheap
    It says the third pin is not Connected. This seems wrong - I meassured the same (positive) Voltage on that Pin as on the other, not middle one. But they are not connected! There seems to be a Diode or leakage between them.This is not a con, because in the worst case you'd just have to cut of that pin.
    Great little switch, for only 11c per unit!You can never have enough of these - most Buttons can be repaired by using this type of switch, so it is always good to have some laying around somewhere
  • basic binding post - only missing hole for wire

    posted by ehud42

    Good little posts with collars to enable safe mounting in metal boxes. Mounting hardware is adequate - 2 nuts, washer, tab for wire to be soldered to. Thumb nut contains metal/brass nut to ensure good life.
    Will be using them in home made bench power supplies.
    Good deal for DIY power bench power supplies or RC battery charging stations.
  • Big standard buttons

    posted by theeconomist

    Bigger than most buttons (tact switches) - 12x12 mm instead of 6x6 mm in most packages.Easy to press.Yellow color, stands out very good for certain purposes.Only package on dx that has the large-sized buttons.
    After twisting the pins in 90 degrees, the buttons sit perfectly in a breadboard, and they work flawlessly - no matter how you press the button and at what angle, it closes the circuit well.
    DX should sell another package of 12x12mm buttons with a round pressable area.Until then, this is the best button sku here!


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