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  • Good quality switch

    posted by ebpDoug

    Very well made
    The metal "cover" appears to be stainless steel, and is very well punched and formed. The pins are also well punched and free of burrs so common in cheap products from China. Plastic molding quality is excellent. Nice smooth sliding action without binding. No risk of metal cover shorting to PCB traces.The pins on these are on 0.185" (4.7mm) centres and are about 51 mils x 26 mils (1.33 x .65mm). These pin spacings and dimensions are very common for high-quality miniature toggle switches from major manufacturers such as NKK, C&K and Alcoswitch.The switches are marked "3RA250V~5RA125V", which I take to mean 3 amperes, resistive load at 250VAC, 5A resistive @ 125VAC. They may not be highly reliable at very lower voltage and current (which is a universal issue with switches intended for power applications).
    Probably the best-made product I've ever bought from Deal Extreme. I'd love to be able to get smaller switches of similar quality.
  • Good quality

    posted by vjsattler

    It''s good hard plastic. Not that cheap plastic you see everywhere. It can have a drop down or things like that. I use it for my tackle baits for fishing. It can handle the small bass fishing lures. The clips works good and you can close the box easy!
    Good storagebox for fishing lures and other stuf for fishing. But ofcourse for other stuff you can get this box also. Remember you can defided the box but not all walls can be replaced.
    If you need storage, you can get this one!
  • Perfect for arranging small things

    posted by NWind

    This toolbox is pleasantly large, even if you use all the sections there's plenty of space to hold hand tools headings and small things that you would not like to lose. Good quality hard plastic, adjustable number off sections, steady lock and cap in kinks, not just a strap of plastic so it won't break. Section deviders are high up to the cap, so it's good for transporting things with you ad they won't mesh falling out from sections. Nice price.
    No other thoughts, perfect as it is.
    A very handy thing for tools and particles organizing. Definitely recommend for people used to handcrafting especially.
  • Good header, but with 2 mm pitch

    posted by erlenmeyer

    Good quality headers, but take in account that the pitch is not the standard (2,58 mm, 0,1 inch) and it will be useless for a protoboard or perforated board. Black body and golden pins, without any defects.
    If you need these headers, 10 pieces for that price is a good deal. But be sure of the pitch of your board.
    Buy only if you need it. Otherwise is i a good quality stuff.
  • usefull box

    posted by alexan

    This box has five compartments and I find it very useful because i have many small electronic parts that i don't want to mix together because it is difficult to sort them out, anyway i use it for small items and i find it very useful.
    If you need more space buy a bigger one because there are many sizes available in deal extreme.
    The bottom line is a nice price and nice construction so buy it if you need it an you will not regret it.

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