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Every single diy pack displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. As china's largest gadgets suppler, DX devotes its efforts to provide the best service to customer all over the world. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.

diy pack Customers Reviews

  • Great terminals

    posted by cooliosanchez

    Compactlightweighteasy to soldercheapmost normal speaker wire will fit in just finethey're exactly as pictured
    these are great! Certainly not the highest quality but metal connectors are metal connectors. Audiophiles might want to get better ones.I don't have anything else useful to add, the character limit is complaining. It's a terminal block made of lightweight plastic.
    Buy these if you need cheap terminals for speakers or any other 2-wire hookup.
  • Big standard buttons

    posted by theeconomist

    Bigger than most buttons (tact switches) - 12x12 mm instead of 6x6 mm in most packages.Easy to press.Yellow color, stands out very good for certain purposes.Only package on dx that has the large-sized buttons.
    After twisting the pins in 90 degrees, the buttons sit perfectly in a breadboard, and they work flawlessly - no matter how you press the button and at what angle, it closes the circuit well.
    DX should sell another package of 12x12mm buttons with a round pressable area.Until then, this is the best button sku here!
  • Tell them what you think

    posted by NWind

    Cubed are small and lightweight, letters are clearly readable and well printed. THere's a lot of parts in the pack, though they are assorted and you might miss some letters (that's why I ordered 2 packs at once. Drills are quite large so even thick lace will pull through.Cubes are well-made, plastic is good, no sharp edges at all.
    I wish a lace or a cord came with them too.
    Cool stuff to make small hand-made gifts for your friends. Would be nice for children to stimulate their creativity.
  • Bright LEDs that just work.

    posted by pulkomandy

    Comes packaged in a reel-band, not like on the picture.LEDs are bright white and work well. They are evenly lit, which is good.
    Used this to replace failing LEDs in some toy. The replacement seems better than the original so far.
    If you need some white LEDs, definitely get those!They work well, are very cheap, and cause no problem so far.
  • Funny DIY idea

    posted by Lametta

    - very nice to write words
    - you can hang to your backpack
    - you can make bracelets for friends
    - colorful and great looking
    - if you don't loose them they last forever cause you can compose always many different words
    It'd be better that all the letters are included at least once, it's useless having 4 Z's and not all the vowels.
    It's a very nice idea for making cheap gifts for friends and to write messages you can wear as necklace or to hang to backpack and so on. I'll buy another set hoping to get the E and the 0 that are missing!

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