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  • Lack of documentation

    posted by JarekA

    - works
    There are 3 potentiometers and 3 LEDs on the board.SMT LEDs are soldered on the right (output) edge of board, and functions as follows (starting from bottom):- blue - lit when powered and when voltage is stabilized. Dims if flowing current is bigger than one set for 2nd LED (see below)- red - lit when flowing current is bigger than set via middle pot- red - lit when output current is limitedPotentiometers (as in picture):- left sets CV voltage (from 0.9V in my board)- middle sets the current level for 2nd LED (it has no impact on output voltage nor current)- right sets the current limitTo charge Lithium battery you need set the voltage to level of maximum charge voltage (e.g. 4.2V for Li-Ion), set the current limit to some value (e.g. 1C = 2.2A for 2.2Ah cell) and the middle pot to the current level as stated in datasheet of your cell (e.g 1/10th of maximum current).Be careful not to exceed maximum voltage of cell and use proper balancing circuit if more than 1S.
    You need some experience and experiments to prepare working charger using this board. It is definitely not a "plug and play" charger.
  • Good support for prototyping with the nano

    posted by PeterKas

    plug and play, all input and outputs go to a tree pin set in order to provide both power and signal. This makes extremely simple to test different configurations with the Arduino Nano. Also comverts the nano to the uno board format in case you want to substitute one for the other.
    Very usefull accesory for fast test and prototype with nano. Once your design is stable you can take it out and make a more compact model for production and use. Also useful if you need to replace a Uno board with a nano.
  • Funny!

    posted by sn4p101

    Is made of silicone, a material that does not freeze like the others, so it has a big part duramento, very flexible, easy to remove the ice, makes the act of drinking something more fun.
    The ice molds are small and few, however serve very well for use without problems.
    Product of great quality, great fun for the whole family, easy to use it and remove the ice can be a great means of entertainment for children and the whole family.
  • Great tools for the price!

    posted by RafaelBrunner

    Good variety of tips, and it is magnetic.Really small bits, great for opening iPhones, and small gadgets.
    Great pop-open package. Press the button on the side, and it will pop open.
    A must have product, if you fix your own gadgets!Quality is also good, for its price...


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