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diy nail Customers Reviews

  • Good deal for what it is.

    posted by Tigertosser

    - comes with 5 different design plates
    - variety of different ink colors
    - easy to figure out
    - great for testing out the type of nail art
    - for the price, this is a bargain
    - name brand items like this go for upwards of $70 - $100
    - if you're not sure and want to try the nail art stamping, go for this one
    - you don't have to use the mechanism, you can just use the parts the way other products are used.
    This is a great deal, don't pass it up while it's so cheap!
  • Muito útil, ótima qualidade.

    posted by hcsleite

    - Very nice product, good quality. Easy to use. Delivered in perfect condictions in Brazil.- Produto muito bom, de boa qualidade. Fácil de usar. Chegou em perfeitas condições no Brasil.
    - Delivered in perfect condictions in Brazil.- Chegou em perfeitas condições no Brasil.
    - Very nice product, good quality. Easy to use. - Produto muito bom, de boa qualidade. Fácil de usar.
  • I love these brushes!

    posted by donicaben

    Comes in a neat little pouch. The brushes are very good quality and have protective plastic over the brush heads to keep them newer longer. The feel of the brushes is very ergo dynamic.
    I bought this on a whim. I didn't know if I would get much use out of them, but painting designs on nails is fun!
    If you like designing your nails this is a great purchase for a really great deal! I am very happy with my purchase!!
  • Good for nail design

    posted by canucksgirl16

    Works great for painting a design on your nails. Works great with nail art plates as the polish is very thick. Looks great when a top coat is applied. Brushes are of great quality and are easy to clean. Great selection of colours.
    Perfect for someone who is just starting out and wants to play around with design. Would not recommend painting entire nail with this as it does stain the nail a lot, but works great with nail art stamping plates.
    Great deal for the price, you get a good amount of paint, and works great for nail art stamping plates which is what I was looking for.
  • worth to buy and try

    posted by Emma4ang3l

    the stamp looks really good and takes the nail polish really good. It says you have 6 plates but I've got 12 no idea way. Overall they are nice and worth the price. The scrapper it's made of plastic, no metal which is good because you wont scratch your plates.
    Didn't had a pattern plate which I can use as a frech tip and I'm sad about that, cause I do my nails quite often like that, a lot of abstract pattern instead of more natural, animal or animal print plates.
    It's worth the money, if you don't want a professional look on your nails, but if you do take the expensive one. This is very good for home, for someone with not so much experience.

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