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diy module Customers Reviews

  • Nice digital clock

    posted by tacalin

    Nice clock for the purpose I've purchase. I just replace my cable PVR and lost the clock on display and this little one do the job for me.No bulky case needed since the board is the same size as the display.
    The display it's a little bit too bright with 5V for a semi dark room. I'll try later today with 3V and see how is looking. The temperature looks to be accurate but since my unit it's stick on top of a media player I'm not using this feature because the display temp is few degrees higher than the room temp.
    Happy for now.
  • Exteremely Bright, Good Lumens/Watt

    posted by relic38

    - An excellent Light module, seems to work as advertised. - Compared to other modules I've worked with, this one is very close to the 90-100 Lumens/Watt rating.- Side tabs for power connection are easier to use than the smaller ones near the emitter array.
    - Like all LED modules, this unit needs to be mounted on a good eat sink with thermal compound.- Do not operate without a heat sink at more than 5% power (100mA)! It will probably fry in a few seconds at full power without a large heat sink.
    An excellent light module for the price. One of the least expensive on DX. At the time of writing this review, this model was sold out, however there are a lot of similar units on here now for under $20USD. I'm tempted to pick up a few of those too!
  • Bright LEDs

    posted by bradley90

    These are super bright RED LED modules. With only a 10 Watt dissipation, it is really easy to mount to a small heat sink with a small fan and not worry about over heating the modules. These modules would make fabulous emergency back lights. By keeping the amperage below 500ma, a smaller heat sink would be required and a simple constant current source could be constructed using a 78LM05 voltage regulator and one resistor. No fan would be required
    None - Just great LEDs
    Bottom line, for the money, these are awesome LEDs. They can be used in interesting DIY projects like LED communications or theme lighting.
  • DIY 1-Way Sound Sensor Module for Arduino - Blue

    posted by fabio1964

    Verry cheap sond detection module for arduino projects with adjustable Gain for the mic to AO ratio at first i got almost no reaktion on the AO unles i made very high noices. But after som testing og trial an error type i found out that the gain was adjusteble.
    Nothing else to say, its very cheap but it works bad. I do not advise to buy this product.
  • Handy gadget for the experimenter

    posted by HenryJ

    Inexpensive.Handy for the experimenter as it plugs into a breadboard easily (not that a three pin device isn't easy to plug into a breadboard but having the device mounted to the pcb helps protect it and make it less vulnerable to handling damage.
    Good for any arduino experimenter.
    A good price for an experimenters gadget.

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