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On this page, you can find a wide selection of diy led white. DX offers worldwide free shipping and faster delivery. People who browse diy led white also browse led watch white and 12v white led. DX provides the hottest gadgets at the lowest prices.
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diy led white Customers Reviews

  • Exteremely Bright, Good Lumens/Watt

    posted by relic38

    - An excellent Light module, seems to work as advertised. - Compared to other modules I've worked with, this one is very close to the 90-100 Lumens/Watt rating.- Side tabs for power connection are easier to use than the smaller ones near the emitter array.
    - Like all LED modules, this unit needs to be mounted on a good eat sink with thermal compound.- Do not operate without a heat sink at more than 5% power (100mA)! It will probably fry in a few seconds at full power without a large heat sink.
    An excellent light module for the price. One of the least expensive on DX. At the time of writing this review, this model was sold out, however there are a lot of similar units on here now for under $20USD. I'm tempted to pick up a few of those too!
  • Gives an awsome ammout of light

    posted by sworteu

    Gives alot of light, can be used to embed into any project. Can be used with an arduino and a NPN transistor (i used a P2N2222A) to dim the led using PWM or use a standard digital pin to make it work as a on/off switch.
    Would fit in any category of microcontrollers, home decoration, lighting and electronics. Needs to be soldered and can be a little bit warm i've heard (not had it myself).
    A product that is useful to buy, does wat it says.Lacks a little information, but works very well.
  • Good and Useful - Cheers

    posted by warhunt

    good quality and very bright. I bought 4 and used them in DIY projects. A good heat sink will avoid temperature in LED. Bought along with SKU: 3256, the combination is awesome. Works well at small DIY projector and home lighting. Looking to order more and price is the best when compared with others.
    Deal Extreme should provide other supporting DIY parts for this LED like, Heat sink and enclosers etc.
    Currently I am making car fog lamp with this LED (very much suitable), request DX to introduce some DIY lamp casings and cabinets (just thought).
  • Triple Chip Led (SMD)

    posted by nicolasantoci

    Triple chip LED with excellent performance and three legs for each diode. Ideal for assembling PCBs or any compact lighting.
    Technical data (b-ww-w-g):Recommended Power: 3.1V @ 60mAMin Voltage Supply: 2.8VMax supply voltage: 3.6V Not much to say, are just LEDs. SMD LED cast resin presents semirigid, characteristic that exceed the conventional LED light quantity and quality. They are surface mount, through its automated assembly, increases both the quality of the product and its usage time.
    Very good product for any project DIY (do it yourself). I recommend it!
  • Bright LEDs that just work.

    posted by pulkomandy

    Comes packaged in a reel-band, not like on the picture.LEDs are bright white and work well. They are evenly lit, which is good.
    Used this to replace failing LEDs in some toy. The replacement seems better than the original so far.
    If you need some white LEDs, definitely get those!They work well, are very cheap, and cause no problem so far.

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