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diy led light strip

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The diy led light strip your looking for is one of our top sellers. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. Try browsing white led strip light, pink led light strip. What are you waiting for? Buy now!
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diy led light strip Customers Reviews

  • Good led assembly

    posted by digitalr

    Very bright. Nice color rendering. But color temperature not 6000K. It closer to 4100-5000k. But this are even better.Aluminium alloy PCB, that allows easy cooling.Low heat. So radiator size can be small. I use 5x12cm U-shaped aluminium plate. It also used as reflector.There are easy to read marks on positive and negative pins.
    I use SKU: 82745 for power this LED. It seems slightly underpowered, but bright enough.
    May be slightly expensive, but very good LED for lighting applications.
  • Makes life easy!

    posted by davemalcolm

    Very useful for when you've cut your LED strip and want to use multiple control units. Solderless connection is strong and tight, male pins fit perfectly into female jack. Wires are colour coded inside the main white cord so you can strip it and modify or extend the cord.
    The only thing that makes it male is the little male-male pins on one side. These should be for sale separately as well.
    I will be ordering more of these in bulk to keep in my kit. Best way to save money on multiple LED strip projects is buy 5m strips, cut them and use these to attached to control units.
  • Strong white light in very thin heatsink

    posted by jumato

    Surprisingly strong light with some 12v. Thinness gives you lot of applications for example directly to wall (try to hide the wires). It does not heat up. The 6500K color is bright white. Good "wow" effect. Tiny holes in the heat sink for small nails/screws for mounting.
    Seems to be sensitive to the voltage: below 9v doesn't lit up at al, with 10 v looks nice with all the "cells" separately visible (wow effect), and with about 12v it is just bright white band. Playing with voltage you can get the desired impact.No long term experience about quality, but at least now all cells work. As the heat sink is sturdy, I dont expect any issues.There is another 3W version with 40% cheaper but some 70% less lumens. Now I would like to try that too for comparison.
    If you need a thin, wide, bright white (6500K), cool (temp) and cool (wow) light and can keep a small solder in your hands, go for it! If more people buy this, maybe price goes down :-)
  • Very nice for the price

    posted by SrKlein

    Lights are very bright, its super easy to use, and they look spectacular!
    M3 glue smells funny, it took like a week for the smell to wear off. Every time i turned on my computer, my fans would bring the scent out of the box.It says its 60cm long in the description, but it doesnt specify how long the led part is:the power cord is 30cm and the led part is 30cm too.
    Even if its a bit expensive for a 30cm led stripe, its the cheapest i've found, so i guess its a good buy after all
  • great product

    posted by pazpazpaz

    very bright with voltage between 12-14v it can be connected straight to the car battery with a switch in between. very low power consumption. it is also very compact. perfect for camping, 4wd trip or work truck. light is a very nice warm white.
    buy it you will love it, it is a great product. might kill some mosquito. I have mounted this on my work truck it everyone seing it is asking me where did i get it from.
    great, cheap, will buy again.

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