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diy led 6500k

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diy led 6500k Customers Reviews

  • Perfect for ceiling lighting

    posted by TechJunkie2

    Nice very bright light output and nice colour temperature. Leaning very slightly towards yellow it emitts a light similar to that of an incadesant light bulb. I have installed it inside a ceiling light that I purchased from Ikea (2.99). After stripping out the electrics the LED disc could be perfectly seated/Glued with themal paste) onto the metal structure of the light housing. This along with a 15w constant current regulator SKU186293 (Glued in place with epoxy putty) provided a perfect replacent for a 60w incandescent light bulb. It's been running for 3 months now with no over heating problems (Just the light housing to disapate heat) and provide enough light to fill my large bedroom.
    perfect replacement for incandescent light bulb.
    This is a high poered array of LED's housed on the same substrate. It gives of a lot of light (not to be looked at directly) and requires diffusion. Get this if you know what your doing and are handy with a soldering iron. You won't be disapointed
  • Ideal for your DIY project

    posted by ale.hirata

    The product came very well packed. The build quality is very good, there is no burrs of the injected plastic and even the aluminum plate. The bright of the light is very high, I don´t have any equipment to mesure the lumens but I believe that is just like the announces said.
    if you are looking for powerfull LED - this is right choice ! It´s very powerfull and economic.
    I like it very much.
  • Very strong light - 100 emitters

    posted by yarash

    Very strong light, the specifications say it hasOnly one emitter, but it actually has 100 of themEach peace has on each side the (+\-) so it is very easy to solder a few peaces in a row.Very good build quality
    It is not obvious to me that if i buy an LED That i need to add more equipment other than just powering it.
    Very high quality, but needs some way to cool it down
  • Good Led

    posted by Franzel0815

    Cheap! Low power consumption Relatively easy to install (soldering skills required). Offers flexibility in terms of how/ where you wish to use it as it does not come mounted on a star. Good quality only one of the 50 is dead after a month at normal use in a living room lamp.
    A constant current source and a heat sink is required, otherwise you will fries your emitter
    If you know how to handle these type of Led, i can recommend these one (fifty)
  • 20 Watt white ledchip of good quality.

    posted by lasermanathome

    This type of chips is own by me in several wattages, This one, the 20 Watt version is less critical in its cooling demands as the 30, 50 and 100 Watt but still, it needs GOOD COOLING!!When that is in order, the hughe amount of pure white light -like sunlight- is produced without problems for a long, very long time.Even some more than 20 watt is no problem, just keep the chip nice cool
    These leds must be shielded , so you can"t look right into them, the 20 emmiters are long time in your vision when you look in the working led, it is awful bright.
    Best buy, ther 20 Watt version can be cooled more easy than the 50 Watt version.They are ideal fur using them in the kitchen or places where is worked with colors.You can build them in uplighters or armatures wich diffuse the light, they are to bright to look in to sodo not use the bare emitter where it ban be seen directly.Because it's lifespan you can build it in completely.When good cooled and with about 15 Watt, you propable never have to replace it!!

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