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  • Not for beginners without help.

    posted by LynnCochran

    Has parts for building a breadboard Arduino, and comes in a neat crush-resistant plastic box (survived shipping). After I burned a bootloader into the ATmega328P-PU microcontroller, and replaced a bad 16 MHz crystal that came with the kit, I was able to build a working breadboard Arduino (http://arduino.cc/en/Main/Standalone). I then learned how critical the reset timing can be when uploading sketches, unless you use an automatic RTS-capacitor-reset circuit (see my comments in the "Other Thoughts" section).
    One thing I learned is that the Arduino "optiboot" bootloader only waits about one second after reset for an upload of a sketch to begin. However, on my laptop at least, starting an upload of the "Blink" sketch takes about four seconds of compiling before the actual upload begins, making the timing of a manual reset very difficult (bad timing results in a "not in sync: resp=0x00" error). The solution is to connect the "RTS" signal from the upload cable (FTDI Basic, or the like) through a 0.1 uFd capacitor to pin 1 (Reset) of the ATmega328P-PU chip.
    I learned a lot. However, as stated above, this kit is not for beginners without help; it may be useful in a classroom. This kit could be useful for prototyping a standalone Arduino-based controller design. However, this kit is not the cheapest way to own an Arduino, since prebuilt Arduinos (SKU 150108, for example) cost less than this kit plus an FTDI Basic upload module.
  • Eee pc 900HA touch

    posted by rsOne

    All in one DIY kit. Easily navigate web pages and ebooks with by touch. Comes with extra internal usb slots for more mods. lots of info can be found on Google and specific forums. **mine came with the updated shipping packaging it was in a mother board box with lots of bubble wrap.... perfect
    Only attempt this mod if your comfortable digging in your computer.*****eee pc 900ha controller board can only be placed over the ram slot. I had to extend the wires going to my webcam.
    if you ever want a touch computer here is a way to do it for reasonable price!!!
  • Does what it says

    posted by guimetetete

    It's very cheap and does what it says. It has all you need to use an Arduino in a remotely. Just connect the pins (OUTPUT-GND-5V lookin in front) and you can use with the IRRemote library.
    The resistors aren't necessary (With them it doesn't work) so I don't know why they came with the kit.
    Useful and cheap if you need it.
  • Great IR contro

    posted by Hakkinator

    Works great. Sensitivity at 3m perfect, at 5m ok. On osciloscope signal clear enaugh. Worked with standart Arduino IR library righ out of box
    Great IR remote for DIY projects. Will use it for line following robot for starting and for my DIY vacumcleaning robot.
    Buy it.
  • An awesome, great quality toy

    posted by ElTonga

    This is a very good toy. The plastic is of excellent quality, with a smooth finish, slightly elastic and of even transparency. The pieces detach from the boards very cleanly, and there are no burrs in them. The instructions are in English and Chinese, an the steps and illustrations to guide in the building are very clear even if one does not understand any of both languages. The size is nice too. About 15 cm with legs extended and about 10 cm in the narrow side.
    Consider that the post will probably squash the box before buying it for special occasions such as birthdays and Christmas. It comes with no battery included, do not forget to buy one to not spoil the emotion :)
    Buy it for kids with an itch to build things that crawl by themselves.


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