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diy kit toy Customers Reviews

  • Coll diy toy.

    posted by vmendelis

    Really fun to put together. has several different types on how the end product will be ( see in the description).I put it together as pegasus. This one however need a lot of power and oly works in good sunshine. My wife loves it . and she decorated it a bit more. Pictures will come later. Oh and the manual is in english also, and seemed easy enough to follow.
    Could include some spare pins, otherwice all is good.
    An intersting toy , fun to put togehter.
  • Very cheap and very funny!

    posted by softelli

    - Very, very cheap;- Works perfectly! It's really walks in the sunny day;- Have Educational components of similar a small Lego pieces assemblies;- Wires of motor and solar cell assembled only the first time, in the first model.- No problems for assemble completely the first model.
    Very funny!Suitable for beginners and children passionate about robotics.Due to the necessity of using a screwdriver and the cutting pliers is recommended adult help during assembly of the first model.
    For my son - seven years old - was very hard to assemble any pieces, but possible with my support.
  • For big children also!! :D

    posted by Sunnysunshine

    Quality for this price is acceptable.I bought it for a 25 years old. He played with it for months.
    6+ for age for my opinion.
    If you are interested a little bit about solar powered things and you want to try them, this is a perfect educational kit for you and for your childrens.
  • Great to gift

    posted by WackerHacker

    Kids love it. They see the robot and think it's soooo cool. It is solar powered so no batteries to buy and replace. I think that's a huge plus as I've been trying to teach the kids about reducing waste. Did I mention that it looks frickn' awesome. It made a great gift, both of them were a success.
    I saw one that looked identical in the pictures from domestic sites promoting educational & DIY toys for over $30. The only difference I could see was the box was English, French & Spanish.
    If you are willing to fiddle around cleaning up all the burs and put it together then get one.
  • Marvel of engineering

    posted by Joosterman

    A marvel of engineering...perhaps that's overdoing it a bit, but really, you get all these solar power toysI ahev assembled several of them and they work great. Needs direct sunlight, but ten it really has a lot of activity, for such a small cell, the windmill is not that small but it starts rotating very quick
    Good to have with you if you have car trouble in the deep desert. You can use this to power your celphone, AC, radio and what not, mayhaps even pull your car with the electric car or dog variety. You would need to have a little patience, but hey if you're lost in the desert you've got plenty. I think you can even make a windtrap from it to catch water.
    Fun, clean good fun.

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