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diy jumper Customers Reviews

  • Essential for prototyping

    posted by miraculix

    The wires come in different colors and lengths which is usefull when working on complex projects.The price is fair.
    This Male to Male jumper wires are one of the absolute necessary basics for prototyping on breadboards. One can connect and disconnect electrical circuits very quick and without the need of soldering.I use it for wiring my electronic DIY prototypes, specially my Arduino projects.Longer / shorter wires I use to tinker myself.
    If you like prototyping on breadbords you can't have enough...
  • Good set of jumper wires

    posted by mirosol

    Good basic set of breadboard jumper wires. Nice selection of colours and lengths - all seem to be in right working order. Ones i've measured give out less the 0,6 ohms in resistance, which is acceptable - Low enough, as it is equilevant of normal multicored hookup wire. Tips are tick enough for my breadboards. Very usable indeed.
    Not bad. I would call this one a ok deal.
    You are breadboarding stuff? Get a few sets. Price and quality do match here. I bet you won't be disappointed. Good set. Decent price. Not amazing, but decent.
  • Cable for proto board work

    posted by ohyva

    I've not done wire wrapping for several years so my comments are for using this wire a soldered wiring with protoboards. The wire is thin enough and very easy to bend in angles to place between components in the protoboard. The insulation is soft enough to allow easy peeling. The wire can be soldered without problems. The plastic reel is is sturdy enough.
    None at this time.
    Relatively low cost wire with OK mechanical and so-and-so soldering qualities in a sturdy reel.
  • top notch wire

    posted by bull3333

    very good wire ,strong flexible and very easy to work with ,easy to solder and great for console modding,lots of wire on the role should last a very long time ,im very happy with it.
    cheap fast delivery ,fit for purpose buy some,some wires you buy are off color but this was a nice black ,i have used other colors of the same wire from dealxtreme and ive been happy with them also
    if you need 30awg wrapping wire look no further ,this is what you want buy some ,i order 3 to 5 a time its cheaper and dosnt hurt to have a nice supply
  • Good product, right price.

    posted by antonioserrano

    English:Very good product at the right price. If you are a pro or a begginer you'll need it for prototyping in a breadboard. Good conductivity. Prefect to connect everything you need quickly and safe. It fits perfectly on a breadboard and stay fixed. Variety of colors of each wire to clearview what are you doing.Spanish/Español:Muy buen producto a un precio correcto. Si eres un profesional o un principiante los necesitaras para hacer prototipos en una breadboard. Buena conductividad. Perfecto para conectar todo lo que necesites rapidamente y seguro. Encaja perfectamente en una placa de prototipos (breadboard) y quedan bien fijados. Variedad de colores de cada cable para que veas claramente lo que estas haciendo.
    EN: Variety of colors.SP: Variedad de colores.
    EN: Good product, right price. It's a "must have"SP: Buen producto, precio correcto. Deberias tenerlo.


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