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  • Surprisingly good at unbeatable price.

    posted by ExtraT

    - Decent build quality.
    - Quite comfortable
    - The soldering iron works perfectly and is very useful
    - The price is very good
    After reading some of the reviews I was not expecting much, but still decided to give it a try. And it turned out to be a good idea: the iron is quite useful and solves a lot of problems for me. It heats up quickly, has a long run time on one charge, very easy and comfotable to operate, can even be shut down for short periods without requiring reignition afterwards.
    I needed a soldering iron for soldering on the go and this one solves the problem for the lowest price imaginable. I recommend it.
  • Easy to use.

    posted by serra67

    Easy to use and practical. It is a good amount of gas and heats up quickly. Good regulation of output power and gas tests I did, kept the temperature over 50 minutes. The tip heats up in around 40 seconds and makes good quality welds.Good temperature mode torch with adjustable soft and good firepower.
    It is ideal for use in work outside the home, in places of difficult use of electricity; gas reservoir allows you to track the amount of fuel to be transparent and welder still has a "foot" of support that prevents burns on your countertop.
    I showed my brother and he wants one of these gift on your birthday.
  • Very useful to have around

    posted by Julezz

    It works right out of the box. Used as a torch, the flame has just the right size. When used as a soldering iron, it has lots of power, and can actually be run on 30% power.
    What appeared strange to me, is that the refill valve seems to be leaking when filling the tank up. But upon closer inspection, I see that this is intended. A kind of vent opens when the refillment nipple is depressed, thus allowing gas to flow in quicker. When the tank is full, excess gas qill squirt out, so you know it has been filled up to the top. When released, the valve closes 100%, nothing to complain here. It is just a little odd when one does not know it.
    Very useful when working outdoors. When I solder on my bike, it is a hassle to have the cable of my workshop solderin iron around. The gas iron allows me to work much more freely.
  • Not so good

    posted by GLUSHCHENKO

    Low price, accurate production, qualitative materials of the case and sting.Convenient elements of management.Good heating, convenient functions. Can work as a torch and as a soldering iron.Very nice standing.
    If the wireless soldering iron isn't so necessary to you - three times think before purchase to spend money or not.
  • good gas powered soldering iron

    posted by electronicholas

    - this was actually a good set, not for extended use of course - I got this to keep it in my car for occasional repairing, or fire starting while campingfor other jobs I just use electric one but in the car, I am limited to gas powered
    takes a lot of types of gas, doesn't mind as long as you start it with maximum debit
    i think this was a good deal, don't know if I would recommend to someone

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