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  • manager

    posted by redsquare

    Simple, comfortable, but subject to small-sized palmVery high quality fabrics, gloves, easily washable, and as they dry fastIdeal for DIY repair digital equipment and circuit boards.
    Highly recommend this purchase technical masters women or men with small hands, I think that the antistatic effect they have good
  • Nice digital clock

    posted by tacalin

    Nice clock for the purpose I've purchase. I just replace my cable PVR and lost the clock on display and this little one do the job for me.No bulky case needed since the board is the same size as the display.
    The display it's a little bit too bright with 5V for a semi dark room. I'll try later today with 3V and see how is looking. The temperature looks to be accurate but since my unit it's stick on top of a media player I'm not using this feature because the display temp is few degrees higher than the room temp.
    Happy for now.
  • The best Adruino Starter kit

    posted by DirkLui

    If you own an Arduino (clone) and need a starter kit with components by this kit. It cheap, has a lot of useful components, a storage box, a resistor card (for those who don't have an App on there Android), big breadboard etc. Just buy and Arduino (clone), download and experiment book (very easy to find) and start with the Blink sketch.
    If you want to know what every component is for just type the part number in Google and read on
    Get and Arduino, get this kit en go!
  • Quite good

    posted by valkonen

    Cheap as dirt. Good color variety.Tips are actually better quality than what I did expect.Soft pending wires make it easier to use with breadboard.
    There are bit too many short ones in this pack. It is clearly state in the description so this should not come as a surprise. And the short ones are quite often the ones you need.I used these with the male jumper sets and they are must haves for DIY tinkers.
    Very useful set of jumper wires.
  • Good protection

    posted by nrh2005

    - it's very portable, even all the package;- it's very light;- it's very easy to use;- it's works to protect anything from finger marks or static electricity from the human body;- you don't need necessarily to discard after use; it will depends of the use you had it;
    it's an basic tool for anyone interested in to avoid static electricity or finger marks, mainly on small objects. It can be very useful to manipulate things at products photography.
    It's worth for the price and the quantity in the package.


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