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  • great for the price

    posted by NarfRolyat

    There is really not very much to say. They are just test points. But they are the real deal and the price is very good. You will have no problems hooking your test equipment to these test points, either with your oscilloscope probe or with logic analyzer probes.
    Since they are so cheap, you might as well use lots of them on your project.
    Get them now, you won't regret it. They will pay for themselves the very first time you need to probe your circuit.
  • Good Quadcopter!

    posted by elenicskyers

    - Nice and Cheap Quadcopter Frame (X525 compatible)- Comes with basicly everything do you need except for the battery and controller- Comes with extra screws if you lose few when building.- You can build X4 and +4 models of quadcopter- The motors and propellers are matched.
    Works fine, the motors and propellers are matched, so it flyes fine. Dont forget to balance the propellers, this makes a lot of difference.
    Dealextreme should make a complete kit with a 3 cell battery and controller. But that is fine, you can just buy the one they suggest.
  • Not bad for a poor-quality connections

    posted by DrElec

    A good production qualitySufficient length to connect to other devices;A small price for such a number of wires;A large number of colors for easy identification when large amounts.
    Can be used, but there may be bad contacts when used with a breadboard. It is also possible the appearance of parasitic distortion in high frequency circuits, false positives and other problems associated with poor contact.
    More likely to buy them will not, but they are worth the money.
  • Useful but expensive

    posted by ioKKon

    Great workstation for soldering. The base is nice and heavy, and feels like it won't move unless you want it to.
    It can hold the cables nicely. It's pretty expensive relative to what you can simply pick up at an electronics store in your home town. I found a similar model cheaper here. The convenience of being able to simply hit order and have the thing delivered is pretty nice, though.
    It's very useful. If the price dropped down a little i'd buy again for sure. This is a good way to save a trip to the store.
  • The best Adruino Starter kit

    posted by DirkLui

    If you own an Arduino (clone) and need a starter kit with components by this kit. It cheap, has a lot of useful components, a storage box, a resistor card (for those who don't have an App on there Android), big breadboard etc. Just buy and Arduino (clone), download and experiment book (very easy to find) and start with the Blink sketch.
    If you want to know what every component is for just type the part number in Google and read on
    Get and Arduino, get this kit en go!

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