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diy electronic cable Customers Reviews

  • Great wires

    posted by AllgoodnameRgon

    Well, this isn't rocket science guys, this is basic breadboard electrical wires. They're good enough for me and I'm really picky, so they're probably good enough for you.The pins fit just well into a breadboard or the female headers of my arduino.They cost less than the wires without the pins would cost here. Plus it would take my hours to build 65 of them, so they save time.
    Nope. They're just wires and they do their wire-job just fine.
    Great for all DIYers who like to play with arduinos.
  • Very useful for breadboard projects!

    posted by pcmihnea

    Good quality, varied lengths, durable soldering/gluing. Can't do anything without them! Would recommend more than one pack for small to medium projects.
    Way easier to use than rigid ones.
    If you have projects involving breadboard(s), it's the most useful and practical solution to interconnect circuit elements.
  • Better than expected. Take the gamble.

    posted by AustinClark

    I was worried at first that these would be of terrible quality, would be too thin, break, not make solid connections, etc; However, upon arrival it was immediately obvious that these were actually of about equal quality to the jumper cables you will find on any well-known US e-store.
    If you're on the edge, definitely take the gamble. Best deal I've found online.
    I will buy more, probably fairly soon.
  • Good connector with wire

    posted by vmendelis

    Not much to say here a good connector.Bought it for my airsoft rifle battery connections as it was stated that the battery I was buying SKU 24222 did not have connector. I later found out that they actually do so these were not needed. Will use them in future projects though.
    A good electronic connector for your weekend projects . Nothing special about it but the connection is solid and should provide good contact .
  • Usefull premounted/soldered cable !

    posted by cyriusbe

    I simply cannot find there already mounted/soldered cable nearby!! if i want, i have to take ide/scsi ribbon and try to find the plug to sold etc....
    This is simply making me win money, time (most) and are so easy to use.
    I already have used them to "update" the wiring of my diving computer companion, this was already "DIY"ed because it was old. But the first "correction" were also have tighting problem.
    I have taken the cable and replaced all connexion (9v battery, intenal wiring, connection to my diving computer thanks to the furnished pin (lucky i am, correct size)). Now it's working marvelously :-).
    I also used sku.80208 which is the companion of this set.
    I also have used them to make motherboard connection longer without cutting soldering wires.
    I was searching this kind of pre cabled wires for years !!!
    My futur usage: LED DIY wiring, but this can be a cons to see
    Magic wires, premounted, pre solderes, what a gain of time !

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