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diy cable Customers Reviews

  • Good iron for a good price

    posted by pzw001

    This is a for the price you pay a great soldering iron. Temperature control seems to work fine, the only "problem" is that there is no temperature scale on the dial so you do not really know what temperature it is set at.The temperature range is sufficient to reach the temperatures required for lead-free solder, which is about 370-375°C. (I need to put it at closely to 90% to reach that temperature, but it does reach it!)Nice feature is the crocodile clip to connect to your PCB preventing static charge building up. So do not connect that one to the grounding of your outlet etc! It is not meant for that!
    A temperature indication on the dial would be nice. The correct plug would be very helpful for a lot of people! (Even delivering it without a plug would be better than delivery with the "wrong" plug!)
    If you are looking for an affordable soldering iron with temperature control you can't go wrong buying this one.
  • Nearly Genuine

    posted by makemake91

    Solid product, easy to install. Only requires 4 Screws to be removed from the case, then 2 screws to remove the speaker module and simply clip it in. For first time installers I recommit checking out YouTube for tutorials.Also 10€ aint that bad for this kind of quality.It came in small cardboardbox, two small plastic pillows around it and inside of a small plastic bag. So the packing was well done also.
    Interested to see on the long run how much this product can handle the heat. I believe it will do a good work.
    Good product, easy to install and cheap.
  • Okay Soldering iron

    posted by HDC44

    -Price is good for what it is.-Get's the job done.
    The plug really slides out easily. There are few times where it fell out of the socket without knowing, until the iron stop working.
    This soldering iron is perfect for a "Do It Yourself" kind of person with a lot of patience. Buy it and play around with it when you have nothing better to do.
  • Excellent product - great for organizing cables

    posted by Darkblade48

    This is a great product for those that need to organize their computer cables, or any type of electrical wiring in general. DX provides this product in ample length, so it should be more than enough for all your wire organization needs. I first started using these for some electrical wiring organization, but now I have found other uses for it as well.
    The application process is a little lengthy and tedious, but once you are actually done organizing the wires, it looks great.The cable sleeving is zip tied together by DX for easy handling, so it is not a big tangled mess.
    This is a great product to get, especially if you find that you have a lot of electrical projects/wire organizing that needs to be done.
  • Very good connectors

    posted by prOOwner89

    Very good qualitynice finish of the connector and cableeasy to soldersturdy connection from cable to connector (it doesn't feel like you are putting pressure on the connections from cable to connector when pulling on the cable
    I used it in the car so i used zip ties to keep male and female together because of the vibrations in a car. when you would use it around the house it wouldn't be needed.
    Get this if you are looking for something to make plug and play ledstrips


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