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The perfect diy cable here to meet all your needs. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. DX is the world leader in electronic gadgets.

diy cable Customers Reviews

  • Excellent product - great for organizing cables

    posted by Darkblade48

    This is a great product for those that need to organize their computer cables, or any type of electrical wiring in general. DX provides this product in ample length, so it should be more than enough for all your wire organization needs. I first started using these for some electrical wiring organization, but now I have found other uses for it as well.
    The application process is a little lengthy and tedious, but once you are actually done organizing the wires, it looks great.The cable sleeving is zip tied together by DX for easy handling, so it is not a big tangled mess.
    This is a great product to get, especially if you find that you have a lot of electrical projects/wire organizing that needs to be done.
  • Works fine with other cable.

    posted by neofpo

    Small to fit your pocket, has a nice finish, and charges my Galaxy S4 at 0.85A, same speed as original power adapter.
    Nice for day by day use, small to fit your pocket. If you want more juice but not a bigger charger, one option is to carry extra 18650 with SKU 192678. They are easy to change.
    Worth the price, but buy a better cable, such as SKU 288856.
  • Works just like the real one

    posted by jmartama

    Solid build and works just like the original Arduino Uno board. Compatible with Arduino development environment and all examples that I tested is working. Tested also with LCD Keypad Shield (118059) and relay module (265792). Good documentation can be found from official web page (arduino.cc).
    This is so cheap that it's not a problem to order these for every minor automation project. It's also very educational.
    This is cheaper alternative to the original Arduino Uno but works just like the real one out of the box.
  • Good splitter

    posted by elomy2010

    This extension cable is very easy to use, just like any other one. The cable looks very sturdy, Very easy to use, simply plug the output on this and after the other end on the input. Very cheap extension
    This cable does what it's supposed to do and has never failed at its function.
    For a thick robust cable, this is money well spent if you need an extension cable. Also, the price has come down a little since I bought it, so I would probably buy again if necessary.
  • Cheap Copper Core for making jumper or invisible cable on walls.

    posted by rors26

    Very thin cable, easy to cut off and to handle, It don't cracks on bending it. I use it on walls for some digital sensors and it's practicably invisible.Nice length for the price.
    Very nice conductive element, you can communicate 2 sides of a pcb with this.
    Nice product, nice price. Wire for jumpers or for almost invisible connections on walls, desks and other places.

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