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You may find that it is quite easy to purchase diy breadboard here and you can save money at the same time. Welcome to DX, a worldwide electronic accessories retailer and wholesaler. Your support is our greatest motivation.

diy breadboard Customers Reviews

  • Great help in small projetc

    posted by cyriusbe

    - Easy to use- many small and long cable- light, small
    I have used this to simplify measurement of current in a circuit with several branches, much more simple to use the board and cable than go in non precise contact (well, need to cut some wire, but was so easy to make measurement, corrections then sold them back)
    Useful small things, even if deturned from primary use. (disturbing rules of 500 chars minimum need to add silly comment to reach it)
  • Great wires to use with a breadboard/arduino

    posted by PietCake

    The wires are non-solid core. Therefor, they stay in place instead of acting like a spring.
    The wires come with different colors and different lengths. This is very useful to keep your breadboard nicely organized. Red could be 5V, black ground and green, blue and orange a signal cable.
    A cheap, easy to use, good quality product. I recommend this product over the default expensive male-male wires for the Arduino.
  • Googd lenght and qyality

    posted by anrusal

    excellent choice to connect something to the smt32f4discovery or other arm/arduino boards.Almost all boards in dx has a male conector, so is a good choice to connect it to your microcontroller projects.
  • Great for your arduino projects

    posted by cosminvarlan

    I was torturing myself trying to make my own connection wires. I decided (after I made like 5-7 of these kind of connections in one hour) that $3.5 is not that much to spend for a 10-hours work :D I was right. The wires are good quality, connectors are great for arduino or other pin-like connections. I strongly recommend it for anyone who wants to play with arduino and has a breadboard.
    Good quality for the price.
    ty, dx !
  • Very useful

    posted by pocavoz

    Adaptable to all pins. Perfect work with SKU: 80208Easy to detach. More than one same color/pcs. I will buy much more because make me work quicker. 2,54cm easy to achieve when are together. Better than ICD connectors with flat cable, weaker than this and more adaptable to the connector. Combined with SKU:80208, can achieve cable longer than 40cm!
    Needed as workbench.
    Needed in every workshop


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