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diy breadboard Customers Reviews

  • Very useful

    posted by pocavoz

    Adaptable to all pins. Perfect work with SKU: 80208Easy to detach. More than one same color/pcs. I will buy much more because make me work quicker. 2,54cm easy to achieve when are together. Better than ICD connectors with flat cable, weaker than this and more adaptable to the connector. Combined with SKU:80208, can achieve cable longer than 40cm!
    Needed as workbench.
    Needed in every workshop
  • these cables are truly necessary for your arduino

    posted by pyro329

    The materials are made to feel good to the touch.Do not know how much work these cables saves having to mount arduino circuits with just enough to fit between both sides mounted on the breadboard and ready.
    If you have a worth buying arduino undoubtedly,
    good product but a little pricey, worth to purchase them because they save a considerable amount of work
  • indispensable for prototyping

    posted by chuank

    indispensable accessory if you do a lot of electronics prototyping. works especially well if you like to tinker with microcontrollers that have female headers - testing your circuits no longer require you to have solid core wire to cut, strip, and probably misplace or dispose of. time-saver. they also take quite a beating.
    almost essential for me these days when hooking up test circuits and prototypes. not good for high-current stuff, though.
  • Very useful for quickly creating new cables with variable number of wires

    posted by wootloot

    + Very easy to pull these wires apart from eachother.+ By being able to pull them apart you are able to quickly get hold of a cable with exactly the right amount of wires for your project.+ Seems like it is good build quality.
    I have had some random problems when connecting these wires up as serial (COM) connections. Sometimes it works flawlessly and sometimes it does not. It is probably not related to these wires though.
    Very useful for lots of various electronic projects. Might even be used in ordinary computers on some occasions.
  • Good product

    posted by Guiebio

    Great product for a great price, and yes it comes which 65 cables i have counted. if you need cables for your projects to use with arduino or PIC or whatever, this is what you need.
    I recomend this product , it's very good, and for a low price, if you need cables for your projects to use with arduino or PIC or whatever, this is what you need.IT will help you to desenvolve the project and get free of the mess.

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